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Entrance industrial mats

Sells and shipped by Wellco Industries Inc. Industrial entrance mats are available in a variety of shapes, from rolled mats to fancy cast iron floor mats. Power Links System industrial floor mats for your building. For more information about our entry mats today, please contact Space-Links. The weekly rental mat service ensures that your business floor mats are delivered and picked up for cleaning.

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The OH&S company specializes in entry mats, logomats, point-of-sale mats, switch mats, signposting and related manufacturing service. We have supplied carpet flooring for some of Australia's leading companies. Now we have the possibility to sell anti-slip mats, elastic mats and running mats in all states and areas of Australia.

Security is our primary objective and we have produced Australia's biggest catalog of security, greaseproof, anti-slip and non-tiring mats. For more information about our broad assortment of mats, please call 0419 923 385 or get in touch with us on-line.

Rubber outdoor mats | Industrial entrance mats

Industrial entrance mats for outside use can be deepened or placed on the outer treads. As these mats are outdoors, they must be able to withstand the weather. Characteristics that should be taken into account with an outer matt are good abrasion and quick curing.

Doormats that are "loosely laid" should be large enough so that they do not explode in the event of weather. The majority of exterior mats are made of either PP, Gum or VIN. Exterior mats should have a large fibre deflector (thickness) to improve abrasion and allow rapid dry.

When you need help selecting the best mats for your company, call us.

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