Industrial Entry Rugs

Entrance carpets for industry

No matter what type of mat you buy, whether heated, industrial or entrance mats, always consider the ease of installation and operation. The Justrite Safety Group is a growing family of leading industrial safety companies. Are you looking for the perfect entrance mat or running mat for your company? Floor mats serve many purposes, which are indispensable for your company. Take a look at our selection of affordable, high quality carpets in many styles, sizes and colours for your living, sleeping or entrance area.

Over Mattenwelt

The Mat World is a department of Pall Mall Manufacturing Co Pty Ltd. Today Mat World is proud to have a large sales force with physical offices in most Australian states. Entrance matting is suitable for most kinds of entrance transport and is used in large Australian malls.

Sheets can be produced on demand and made to measure in Mat World's facilities. Apart from our elastic blankets, we offer a wide variety of anti-fatigue and security blankets. Mat World also offers many specialist products such as: swimming pools and bathing areas blankets, pure and dust-free environment blankets, sub-console blankets, supermarket fruits and vegetables blankets, knee pads and much more.

We also have special gear at Mat World to make one-of-a-kind logomats with inlays - for a personalized and embossed feeling. Use our logomats in many large and upscale stores. Matt World has representative and warehouse facilities in every state of the continent and distribution partners throughout Australia.

For example, logo pads can be delivered within a few workingdays after approval of the artwork. Individual entry matting can also generally be custom-made and laid in recessed floors - within a few workingdays of the acceptance of the offer. Each store has a specialty matting expert on staff to assist you in selecting the best matting for your area.

Thus they can be confident that they can handle such situations at any time. More than thirty years of expertise and a prestigious track record put us in a privileged location that is not easy to reach on the open markets. From a small frontal mat to a huge one for the entry to a mall, from an anti-fatigue pad for a stand-alone workplace to a 50m long assembly line, Australia's largest carpet expert, Mat World can usually supply it.

A partnership has been established with Glomesh to offer Mat World product in New Zealand. Mat World provides all Mat World product to be free from production faults.

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