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Grab the Expert Steady Mat Industrial Rubber Anti Fatigue Mat that gives you the support you need. An ergonomic mat collection for industrial workplaces. Selection and performance of anti-fatigue mats, safety and industrial mats, skids and light work platforms. The ergonomic workplace mats and anti-fatigue mats are an integral part of the design and equipment of industrial and commercial workplaces. This diamond-studded, hard-wearing anti-fatigue mat offers exceptional comfort and is suitable for universal use in dry areas around the water.

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Fatigue mats | Seton Australia

Seton's wide assortment of industrial mats and anti-fatigue mats will help create a clean, safe and healthy working area. Reducing work-related injury and reducing accident rates, improving worker convenience and improving worker performance with our full line of high-quality industrial, floor mats and anti-fatigue mats. A unique multi-layer mats with 60 detachable mud flaps.

Over 90% of the contamination particle is eliminated in 2 steps. Antistatic and non-slip finish.

Commercially available anti-fatigue mats | Stress-relieving floor mats

Does the purchase of anti-fatigue mats represent a good investment for my company? A recent survey of recent levels of worker efficiency published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 12 November 2003 â Volume 290, No. 18: âLost productive time from common pain terms among active workers cost a $61.2 billion per year[in the U.S.]¦while at work....â The use of good ergonomically designed, stress-reducing mats is crucial to relieve the pains associated with working up.

Upholstered doormats enhance the well-being of employees and can help mitigate employees' liability related to extended downtime. The ergonomic anti-fatigue mats help prevent back, legs, ankles and feet fatigue. One side effect of using good anti-fatigue mats on cement is the lower stress caused by longer periods of coldness or heating. What makes you think you should buy our anti-fatigue mats?

The mats are lightweight, robust, cleanable and the most convenient mats to sit on for long periods of use. Certified for non-slip qualities and proven 40% higher than other foam mats on the today's markets. Plant or animals fat, oil and chemical substances cannot be taken up and do not cause any damages to our mats.

Fatigue mats are 3/4 inch thick â most others are 3/8 inch or 5/8 inch. Extremely convenient anti-fatigue mats for all industrial and professional use. In addition, we offer anti-fatigue mats for the kitchen and other areas, anti-static/ESD mats, entrance/scratch mats, mesh mats, saloon mats, fire-resistant mats and knee mats.

Our mats are all of the highest qualitiy, economic and guarantee up to two years warranty.

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