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Find out about the options available for floors, machines and workers! Industrial floor mats, such as those offered by NOTRAX, are ideal for ensuring traction and reducing slippage as well as damping a little. Accidents may occur in areas where there is water, grease and other liquids on the floor.

Rubber mats & floor coverings Cal

It is an excellent base for use in industrial floor mats when it comes to security and floor conservation. There are always many large machines and devices on a shop floor. They are often very costly and must be kept away from rough soils. For example, a standard industrial laundry washer could be up to $8,000.

Technical mats are indispensable to prevent the machines from being damaged during operation. Industrial floor mats, on the other side, can also be used to prevent the deterioration of the flooring of an area caused by a sluggish running maschine. Basically, rubbers serve as a protection layer between industrial flooring and heavyduty machines.

We offer a range of industrial floor mats made of untreated, recycling and synthesis caoutchouc. Various kinds of man-made gums are specially manufactured to be able to resist various components such as ultraviolet radiation and chemical agents, which increases the long-term usefulness of industrial floor mats. Dependent on the type of the respective branch a garage floor mats can be subjected to all possible materials.

In case the protection mats come into close touch with machines, the most appropriate industrial floor mats can be made of high resistant rubber with high chemical, thermal or oils stability. Recyclable and naturally occurring rubber also provides a tough and long-lasting floor mats material while offering the added advantage of an environmentally responsible condition.

In particular, reclaimed rubbers have high tenacity to meet the challenge of an industrial setting. Whatever your choice of materials, you know that you are getting a great piece of equipment that will work for you in both the long and medium terms. As a rule, industrial floor mats are used as independent mats to assist certain areas.

Our range includes regular floor mats where the necessary floor cover is minimum and maximum, and heavier mats where the surroundings are less favourable. Our technical mats are available in different versions. Every single piece blends into any industrial context and gives the plant or shop a highly practical and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

We offer various different types of option in the form of waved floor coverings, coil gripping floors and honeycomb floors, each with friction-enhancing surface and texture. It is our goal to offer our customers a wide range of floor coverings so that they can find the right mats for their particular use.

One important difference to industrial floor mats is whether they are available in either normal or full load versions. Default floor coverings such as cellular caoutchouc, honeycomb floors or Coin-Grip floor coverings are very diverse and provide a uniform degree of protective performance that allows almost unlimited applications.

Its robust mating parts, such as the 4 x 6 industrial mat, are specially designed for use in heavyduty machines. This mat is characterised by a greater caliper, which is better able to carry heavier loads and absorb shocks and vibration from the mower. These robust industrial floor mats fulfil a double function.

It protects the hall floor and prevents the continuous shocks from leading to expensive damages to the surfaces and protecting the machines. The use of technical mats will help you make sure the machines stay in good condition and your operation is running well. Areas of industry are turntables of activities that usually have a lot of pedestrian flow.

Industry floor mats made of elastic are perfect for use in the garage as elastic enhances the foot comfort. In this way, humans are secure when their legs are securely on the ground. Industrial floor mats with specially structured surfaces, such as the honeycomb floor and the grain gripping floor covering, further enhance this attraction thanks to their unique pattern.

Due to the large number of potentially hazardous machines and the ability to encounter high temperatures, vapours or abrasion, industrial environments can be high-risk locations. Therefore the additional friction of the industrial floor mats is of crucial importance. Several industrial mat styles, such as our crimped floor coverings, offer the added benefit of removing loosely attached shoe deposits, thus contributing to a clean and safe working environment.

If you take into account the security advantages of industrial floor mats, it is clear why companies and organisations everywhere regard them as "must have". Each of our rubbers, as well as the waved rubbers floor and the resin floor, can be cleansed with most domestic cleaners and a damp mopp.

It is very good at weathering the harmful impact of humidity, so you don't have to be concerned about mould appearing on your industrial mats. Caoutchouc as a special substance prevents the development of germs which can lead to mould and molds. As even traces of mould or moulds can pose a risk to your health, it is best to use only those substances that are unaffordable to grow (such as rubber) at home or at work.

The industrial floor covering will not be damaged even if accidentally leaking or leaking from your factory's floor. In contrast to simple carpets or tiled floors, industrial mats are an ideal choice when it comes to protecting and maintaining the floor. As well as protecting as preserving are necessary to be in any industrial environment.

Industrial floor mats made of gum are the response to this requirement. Our range includes a wide range of attractively designed floor coverings made from either virgin, recycling or synthesized caoutchouc. In addition, these mat articles can be offered in various designs that meet both esthetic and functionality needs. One of the choices available to the customer is the coil gripping floor covering, the solid sheet floor and the wavy mats.

After all, our industrial floor mats should prevent both the available flooring and the industrial facilities from being damaged by each other.

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