Industrial Floor Mats Canada

Canada Industrial Floor Mats

One of the world's leading sources of laboratory and industrial floor mats and mat products. Our business is serving a number of industries in New Zealand and the AU. We are now known as the matting company that offers anti-fatigue mats that are unsurpassed in quality. Impressionist - Floorproof tiles - Safe V-groove profile - CleanShield Urinal Mat. The Costco Business Center offers a selection of high quality floor mats for delivery to your business.

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Matting & Carpets, Safety Mats

Ground security is an important topic for every workstation. As 63% of Canada's occupational injuries occur every year on excursions and travel, floor care should be a top concern. The floor areas of the facilities must be kept free of dirt and spills, especially in areas where there is likely to be more heavy activities and heavy transport every day.

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Safe and non-slip mats offer high levels of friction to reduce the risk of slipping and driving in the work area. Occupational health and comfort anti-fatigue mats relieve the pressure on legs and feet and prevent symptoms associated with long standstills. Entry mats prevent debris and debris from getting into the structure, while our work mats are perfect for other specialised occupational health and saftey requirements.

Floor mats & floor coverings

BRGI offers a comprehensive range of technical mats and floorings. BRGI industrial rubbers offer security and convenience anywhere. Technical mats can be delivered as complete mats tailored to your needs in terms of sizes and uses, or as roll-supplied mats. The mats are suitable for a large number of industrial and industrial use.

As well as our assortment of mats, we also provide environmentally friendly FAA-approved mats. Our mats are all available in a multitude of different fabrics, including: Mats and flooring provide security and ergonomics for a multitude of uses, as well as the following environments:

Our company offers a wide range of technical mats and floorings. The mats are available either as complete mats or in rolls.

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