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Coatings for industrial floors

Floor Mat Company. Have you ever tried these hard office chair mats on hard floors and your chair keeps running away? Purchase industrial carpets, economical solution. Industrial absorbent carpet mat. A source of absorbent products and occupational safety!

Carpets last on hard floors | Carpet underlays

Are you suffering from slippery and slippery rugs or rugs? You will find non-slip carpet pads for any type of floor, whether plain or rigid, e.g. wood flooring, laminated flooring, tiles, stones, natural stones, natural stones, PVC flooring, etc. YOU HAVE TEPPICH HOLDERS FOR ALL SIZES OF TEPPICHES IN PRECESSED PARTS OR ROLLS! DON'T install these carpet pads on repolished flooring until the floor is completely dry and hardened, consult the polishing company in case of uncertainty or please inquire.

It' a good suggestion to raise your carpet from time to time and quickly clean the floor with a slightly moist pad. THERE ARE 4 TYPES OF ROCKET HOLDING CARPET IN OUR OFFER: MRACLE GRP is the carpet backing and is the most common for use on rigid floors.

Made from a 100% vinyl-coated and elastic fiber, this carpet is a perfect match for the colour of your carpet. Miracles Grip can be used under all carpets, from light and thin carpets to heavy carpets. Mira Grip PVC is set to 0.33 Kg/sq meter, but there is a budgetary edition that we call MG LITE, namely 0.22 Kg / square meter availability:

Whole sale in roll lengths of 30 mtr, please e-mail for size and price information. 10 year warranty to ensure all anti-slip features. The Multi Grip is bigger than the Miracle Grip. A luxurious feeling, this is especially good for thin carpets laid on very tough surfaces such as stones, concretes, etc.

In addition, Multi Grip has perforations to make it breathable. Multi Grip's extra lightweight makes it more Dimensionally stabile and less susceptible to excitement when someone captures the rim of the carpet under the heel. What's more, the Multi Grip is a lightweight, lightweight, lightweight design that's easy to carry. Available: wholesalers in 30 meter long reels, please e-mail for size and price information.

Of course, Multi Grip is antimicrobial, mold and fungus proof and is warranted for 10 years to retain all non-slip characteristics. The Foot Grip is a high-quality synthetic carpet cushion that provides excellent skid resistance under your carpets and strong shock absorption under your feet. Perfect for use with handmade carpets and under cabinets.

Extending the lifespan of your delicate carpets, Rugs Preserver is the highest grade carpet mat in synthetic resin available anywhere. It can be joined together for broader carpets. Castors 3 meters long, please e-mail for size and price information. It is the heaviest, most luxury carpet backing to prevent slippage on tough floors.

Provides outstanding skid resistance with smooth damping and prevents burial from hitting the ground. Width: 190 cm width (can be busted for broader carpets). The most upholstery, perfect for rough surfaces, e.g. tile, cement. Massive floor cover made of metal plate. Ideally under staircases or in fitness studios as fast laying for markings, yogat demonstrations, etc.

Whole sale in 20-30m long reels, please e-mail for size and price information. Antimicrobial, mold and fungus proof, 10 year warranty to preserve skid resistance. If the floor covering is coated with water-based paints, it is recommended that you dry completely for at least 3 month before using this preparation.

Can only be used on floor coverings that have been cleaned with solvent-free sealing agents. Price & sizing details: Available in wholesalers in approx. 30 m long reels, please e-mail us for size and price information.

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