Industrial Grade Carpet Runners

Carpet runner in industrial quality

High quality commercial carpet mat runner designed for years of reliable performance in busy commercial environments. Industrial Grade carpet runner shop in India with free shipping & cash on delivery. High-quality, transparent vinyl floor mat that protects the carpet from damage and lets the beauty shine through. Tapered grippers on the back hold the slider in position. This durable, commercially available running track is designed to protect floors while providing a non-slip surface.

Industrial carpet mats - high performance carpet runners for indoor use

Blends aesthetics and functionality to help keep your surfaces free from harmful soil and damp. - In 19 colourfast colours. - Statically conductive, solution-dyed polyamide fibres. Covers large entrances with these large woven PP matting available in inventory and customized sizes. - Natural dirt-repellent weave that avoids staining. - Bevelled edges of vinyls tapering to the ground for a gentle transfer from the pad to the ground.

Developed for high frequency areas with thermofixed, ultra twist, polyester thread structure to absorb humidity and debris. - Perma Dye with stain stopper for vibrant colours. The multidirectional chemron design scratches the floor off aggressive and adsorbs humidity in the deepened notches. Appealing design colours for the interior. - 5/16 " thick, available in 6 different colours.

  • Economic alternatives to WaterHog matting. Robust polyester mesh made from recyclable synthetic material. Dust is trapped in the diamonds on the way inside to keep the floor cleaner and drier. V-Groove Matrix has a structured ribbed teeth structure that helps maintain grip, absorb impact, reduce fracture from dropped items and protect the floor. Just blanket a corridor with this running pad or trim it to suit the lining of a trolley.
  • The low section allows simple entry and exit from the shopping basket. Fast curing Sure Stride matting has an easy-to-clean finish and a Tacki Back bonding system that practically eliminate migrations to damp or arid interiors. - Up to 10 galons absorbed per reel - 25% more than comparable competitor brands! What are the reasons for dealing with gummed door matting or expensive rental properties?

Sure Stride plush runners have the same absorption as conventional blankets, but are available in a flat, one-way finish. - Antimicrobial carpet surfaces complement the interior of the buildings. - Plush carpets are 87% thinner and 39% more heavy than the Sure Stride mat. Velvety glossy - Impressionistic matting is optically pleasing.

This classic blanket has an ultra-absorbent nap that catches over two gal of moisture per sq. metre. - Beautiful colours conceal the floor and complete the area. Corrugated surface of corrugated PP eliminates dirt from shoes and holds it in the canals. - Easy to service due to suction, suction, suction or high-pressure cleaning.

  • A sensible alternativ to WaterHog-coats. Keep humidity and dirt out of your furniture while accentuating it. Plenty of bright colours for your lobby, corridors and more. Long-lasting shaving matting made of solid solution-dyed fibres and monofilament fibres with traditionally used fibres. - Select from 5 mixed, dirt-repellent colours. An opulent gauze and amazingly bright colours.

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