Industrial Grade Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles in industrial quality

The indoor tiles have a robust construction for a long life and strength. Replace, adjust and remove damaged carpet tiles easily to keep your floor looking longer and fresher. Advantages of commercial carpet tiles:. Carpet modular tiles for all applications. Because it is so easy to clean, commercially available carpet tiles are well suited for fitness studios.

Teppichfliesen are robust enough to cope with strong pedestrian movement or moveable upholstery.

Teppichfliesen are robust enough to cope with strong pedestrian movement or moveable upholstery. Teppichfliesenböden are low-maintenance and can be cared for simply. Given that less and less wall and partitioning defines a layout for an entire workspace, carpet tiles can be used to define collaboration areas and give the workspace a colourful touch.

Reinforced industrial starch Commercial carpet tiles

Teppichfliesen, also known as carpet tiles, are a contemporary, classy and uniquely designed way to create carpet from walls to walls. No matter whether you start from the ground up or just need a redesign, there are many advantages to using carpet tiles for potentially any room. If you take a look at why, where and when to use them, you can see why industrial grade carpet tiles can just be the answer to the floor coverings of your plant.

What should you use industrial hard carpet tiles for? Contrary to traditional wall-to-wall carpet, industrial grade carpet tiles are designed to resist and resist abrasion and pedestrian congestion while offering a durable floor covering option for any business floor. There are many materials in a business world that can have disastrous effects on the lives of your floor, such as oils, paints or liquid glues.

Unfortunately there are crashes, but here an industrial solution for carpet tiles is advantageous. Easily take the tiles out and fit a new one. Although accidental damage is not necessarily a concern, the tiles can still be considered advantageous due to their uniquely designed and durable finish.

The industrial carpet tiles are made from low pitch fibres that are not affected by heavy public transport or heavy duty wheelchairs. How can industrial floor tiles be used? As far as site is concerned, industrial carpet tiles can be used at a wide range of sites in any business environment.

Tiles can be used from hospital and airport to large meeting rooms and lounges to provide heat and convenience in practically any room. So if you want to place your tiles on a cement base, do it. All this is made possible by the exceptional qualities of the carrier fabric, which allows the humidity to be breathed in through the carpet fibres.

Back coating choices includes vinyls, fibreglass and a choice of recycled fabrics if your interior requires an environmental one. Talking about environmental friendliness, there have been improvements in the removal of evaporative organics (VOCs), which are mainly used in adhesive for fixing carpet tiles. The use of adhesive or liquid adhesive is no longer necessary with both types of system.

What is the best time to use industrial hard carpet tiles? Ease of use, ease of service and unrivalled flexibility are key factors in deciding when to use industrial carpet tiles in a business environment. Laying is generally much simpler and quicker than with other surfacing alternatives, and most installations have service personnel who can substitute for used tiles, reducing external contractor costs.

The suction and regular cleanings ensure that your tiles will look like new in the years to come. You also have a singular and varied view when it comes to creating sophisticated layout. But industrial carpet tiles can be cut to suit any area and create intricate rooms that are not so disturbing. Choosing a carpet that fits your visions, your operating environments and your budgets is no easy matter.

We have prepared this guidebook as a tool to help you make an educated purchase choice for carpets.

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