Industrial Interlocking Flooring

Locked industrial floor coverings

Easy-care, cost-effective industrial flooring with incredibly short delivery times. R-Tek's Manufacturing R-Tile series of industrial floor interlocking tiles has all the unique, more robust and superior dovetail interlocking. The SupraTile is the industry-leading product line for interlocking floor tiles and industrial tile floors. Toothed PVC plastic floor tile with non-slip structure. Have a look at our Interlocking Supa Lock series at JHS.

Intermeshing floor tiles : Heavy-load floors.

Simple exchange of broken tile. None of the damaging chemical agents needed to relocate or service the ground. Our tile is resistant to wear, impact and chemical agents. Developed for lifting forklift trucks and similar heavier goods. Intermlock construction withstands fluid ingress. You can replace broken tile, rearrange layout, even move whole storeys and reposition them with a minimal amount of work.

Manufacturer of industrial floors| Composite tiling

Made in the UK, Ecotile is an industrial flooring system that can be laid without interrupting your company; a cost-effective and easy-care composite flooring that can meet multiple commercial needs at once. Thanks to our incredible fast turnaround time, fast deliveries and 5-star after sales support, we are able to deliver and install floors quickly and effectively.

In contrast to natural resins, paints and conventional industrial floors, our interlocking PVC tile can be laid with extreme ease and without special tooling or glue on any tough surfaces. Cracks, cracked and cracked resins, removal of paints, dusts, dirt and moisture issues are removed with this easy soil removal tool.

Minimum prep time is needed on the current ground and there is no hardening or desiccation time; simply place the tile while your company works near you. With a one-stop one-stop concept for specifying, designing and installing, you get a hassle-free and easy answer to all your industrial flooring needs.

As the only interlocking tiles producer, we have the full range of certification and certification services. Future-oriented companies such as BMW, Royal Mail & Rolls Royce choose Ecotile industrial floors to provide more effective working conditions for their staff and intelligent, easy-care areas for their costumers.

At the same times, our support staff works in close collaboration with our supply chain to ensure that you get your order in the fastest possible timeframe. Our clients appreciate our high level of services, our excellent workmanship and our competence in technology. The Ecotile can be installed on injured, wet, uneven and dirty surfaces with minimum surface preparations.

It has no cure or dry time; just place the panels while your company keeps working around you. Loosely laid locking system means Ecotile can be fitted with very little down time and if a flagstone is broken it can be raised and exchanged in a matter of seconds. Insert the 10-year warranty and the result is a base that provides outstanding value for your investment!

What is special about the interlocking system of flooring is that it is possible to have a small temp point of sales or a large assembly area with separate catwalks and assembly areas that can be modified as needed. As well as innovations that maximise the amount of recyclable materials and reduce the amount of power used to produce ecotiles, we run a programme where we buy back old environmentally friendly flooring and grind it again to produce the next generations of flooring.

Michael Ollivere, our CEO, has taught his methodology and methodology to production in all areas of the company. Écotile really does care about our customers and we always go the extra mile to ensure we keep our promise. When you buy our products, you have total confidence in the durability of our tile and our excellent support staff will help you when it's your turn to exchange your old floors for a new one.

Life style tile is made from 100% recycled thermoplastics based on recycled polyethylene, which is resistant to ultraviolet rays. Because of the characteristics of the polymere, these tile are stain free, i.e. no traces of feet or tyres. Not only do the tile perforations help keep the ground cold at high temperature, they also allow moisture and chemical products to run and run under the tile gutters.

In contrast to most industrial flooring, it is possible to apply corporate colours and logo to your floor. Our industrial flooring products are all conceived for installation in harsh working conditions. Lorries, forklift truck and heavyduty machines can work reliably, as our flooring is more than able to cope with permanent heavy-duty use.

They are available in a large number of different finishes and colour palettes and can be acquired in a classic open reveal pattern (ideal for industrial floors) or an intelligent concealed reveal pattern (Light Duty). Special electrostatic discharge (ESD) ceramic floor coverings are also manufactured. The Ecotile is one of the few industrial flooring systems manufactured from REACH conform PVC beads.

Our tile's life is unsurpassed and makes it ideal for use in forklifts, forklifts, lifting platforms, lorries, cars and busy pedestrians. Ecotile is familiar to businesses around the world with over 400 Trustpilot assessments. Our tile is produced in Great Britain from the highest grade ingredients.

With our locking system, there is no need for adhesives, screed or rubber that are harmful to the environment. They are 100% recycled and are expected to last 20 years. As soon as they have reached the end of their lifecycle, we will take them out for free and recycling them to build the next generations of Ecotile.

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