Industrial Interlocking Rubber Floor Mats

Interlocking industrial rubber floor mats

Mesh mats, also known as modular mats, are ideal for creating a floor above a floor. The interlocking floor mats can be used for various types of commercial and private applications and are available in a variety of shapes. They are industrial rubber floor tiles. Out of all the flooring options, the rubber floor stands alone in terms of durability and shock absorption. TUFA DIAMOND INTERLOCKING FLOOR TILES.

Mesh mats | Modular mats

Mesh mats, also known as module mats, are perfect for making a floor above a floor. The interlocking floor mats can be used for various kinds of professional and private uses and are available in a wide range of shapes. Intermeshing floor mats can be used when a temp floor needs to be made, e.g. for a trade fair, exhibition or conference.

Interlocking our interlocking smooth rug tile is a convenient and affordably priced exhibition floor. They can be useful to hide an old floor like in a car-park. The interlocking floor tile from Flexi-Tile is simple to lay and can be used. Among our industrial and industrial product range are round the clock interlocking rubber mats and F.I.T. interlocking floor tile.

Intermeshing mats are the flexible, secure and economic alternatives to more costly and durable floor covering systems. Ideally suited for playgrounds, fitness rooms, exhibition grounds, combat sports, etc. The interlocking tiles are available in the following sizes: 2' x 2', 3' x 3' and 4' x 4' and can be connected like a jigsaw like!

It is available in the following versions: structured surface, rubber surface or carpeting surface. The interlocking cellular material carpeting is a convenient and economic way to create floor coverings temporarily. Ideally suited for cellars, exhibition halls, play areas, etc. The interlocking Velcro tile is 2' x 2' x 2' x 1/2" thick. Build a 10' x 10' floor in a few moments!

Multiple colours to select from to make a monochrome floor or blend and adjust colours. Flexi-Tile rebated floor tile offers a diverse and highly competetive floor system with an almost limitless use. Floor tile is long lasting enough for strong car use. Each tile is made of 100% PVC.

FLEXTILE PLEASE flextile please insert your corporate messages or your logos on a lone floor covering or on several floor covering slabs. Perfect for exhibition halls, exhibition rooms and all large areas where temporarily laid surfaces are necessary. It is a range of oversized, ergonomically designed ceramic floor tiling. It is the most progressive, proffesional and ergonomically designed mat system available on the shelves!

18 " x 18" x 7/8" PVC, interlocking tile. Locking system lockSafe. Tuff-sealing locking plates provide a high-quality floor covering system for living, business and industrial areas. Concealed locking system makes setup fast and simple! The Tuff-Seal 18" x 18" x 1/4" thick tile offers unmatched resistance to staining, wear, moisture and most chemical attack.

The Poly-Loop interlocking tiles are a unique shaped tiles offering shape and function. The Poly-Loop is a 12 "x12 "x5 " thick ceramic tiles available in several colours and 3 fully exchangeable finishes. It is the only tiles we offer that have the beloved motorsport inspiring tread finish.

The drainage slab can be used in areas subject to exposure to water as well as excess soiling. Locksile is a rugged and versatile interlocking PVC floor covering that provides an "instant", self-laying floor covering for use in a range of heavyduty and transit applications. One of our cheapest PVC flooring, Lock-Tile is still one of our most long-lasting.

The 24/Seven Modular is designed for its 24/7 capability to provide a pleasant working environment for your people! 3' x 3' x 3' x 5/8" interlocking rubber tile with a concealed locking system pattern. Ideally suited for industrial applications, whether damp or saturated. Multifunctional, practical and convenient 12" x 12" interlocking floor tile with LockSafe locking system.

F.I.T. ceramic tile is resistant to ultraviolet and ultraozone and can therefore be used practically anywhere. With a rubber disc finish for improved grip, and a robust bottom wafer carrier system for ultimate convenience, Top Interlock offers the ultimate in convenience. Available as a stand-alone mesh or as a contiguous endless length, this mesh is ideal for assembling production line, weld areas, order fulfilment line and other difficult work areas.

The Rejuvenator Connect is the ultimative ergonomically floor regarding Komfort and structure. More convenient than the genuine rejuvenator, this adjustable Urethan is the âbest of the bestâ. The sophisticated system of concealed locks and round corners allows large surfaces to be covered without the need for fasteners or extra chamfers.

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