Industrial Kitchen Mats

lndustrial kitchen mats

Long-lasting anti-fatigue mats set the industry standard for versatility, long-term quality and industrial strength. Kitchen mats, anti-fatigue mats, comfort, commercial kitchen mats, industrial kitchen mats. Do you need help choosing the right mats in the best sizes for your canteen kitchen? The industrial kitchen mats are fully washable and relieve fatigue during long periods of standing. The mats can be used in wet or dry applications.

Store best quality durable anti-fatigue restaurant mats and kitchen mats of dolphin mats.


The non-slip industrial kitchen mat makes it ideal for use in harsh working conditions such as industrial canteens, industrial shops, garage, warehouses and more. Technically tested, they have been able to survive in the harshest business environment for over 10 years. Reduces back, nape, legs and feet tiredness associated with long periods of use.

This heavy -duty mesh is engineered for a very long service life and even comes with a 5-year guarantee. Manufactured from one-piece, 5/8" thick 100% Polyurethan, these commercially available anti-fatigue mats are virtually unbreakable and do not sputter, crack or crinkle due to the breakage of adhesives used in assembly.

The Absolute Best industrial mats provide the ultimate blend of convenience, hold and longevity. Delivered with a full 5-year guarantee. In addition, these commercially available anti-fatigue mats have a non-slip top side and a non-slip floor. 3' x 2' format has a commercially available floor that incorporates non-slip stripes and rug grabs.

They are flame- and heat-resistant up to 400 and also resist breakdowns and chemical agents. Being made of Polyurethan, these anti-fatigue mats do not get compressed and loose their elasticity and resilience. In comparison to other gelled mats or expanded plastic mats, these mats remain dimensionally stable and do not delaminate or bend.

The mats are made of chemical-free material and are harmless, non-toxic and free of PVC and BPA. These mats are coated with natural antimicrobial urethane so they do not age. In the ideal case, these mats can be used in any business environment: office, factory, warehouse, hospital, hotel, canteen kitchen, retailer - wherever long periods of stand are required.

Extremely long-lasting, these anti-fatigue mats have proved themselves in the harshest commercially available conditions. The industrial kitchen mats are 100% recycled as they can be used to make other useful and sustainable items.

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