Industrial non Slip Rubber Matting

Non-slip industrial rubber mats

Indispensable for safety and slip resistance in many working areas. Designed for the CPWplus L-Series, this non-slip, durable rubber mat contributes to safety and provides protection for the platform. Cost-effective Safety Mats for all industrial and commercial areas that require a non-slip surface. Dunlop ribbed rubber mat model: Anti-Slip Rubber Flooring Mats Manufacturer, Suppliers.

Non-slip rubber mats - Rubber floor coverings

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For various different reason, industrial premises may have hazardous ground surfaces. Humidity from rains or other spills can make soil slip, or the hazard can be caused by sudden underground losses. Non-slip rubber mats provide grip, durability, cleanness and affordable workspace.

Short-term non-slip matting is a cost-effective way to insure your customer, client and staff when flooring becomes insecure! Unsurprisingly, industrial areas can be dangerous jobs. Whilst there are many hazard potentials at industrial jobs, perhaps none are as treacherous as slipping injuries.

Luckily, slippery injuries can be avoided by using non-slip rubber floor matting. Rubber from which our non-slip rubber matting is made is a waterproof fabric with a high inherent co-efficient of rub. The amount of drag that counteracts the motion of an obstacle over a ground plane, e.g. legs over a floor area.

Because of the high friction of rubber, the non-slip rubber has a high level of friction that prevents the foot from sliding. A high level of grip is the keys to maintaining the rigidity and equilibrium of those who stand on a non-slip rubber mats. Non-slip rubber mat's grip offers safety when walkers are in contact and lowers the probability of slippery situations.

Laying non-slip rubber floors gives a non-slip finish to a ground that could otherwise be unslippery and hazardous. While the rubber itself can enhance the overall security of an area, some of our non-slip floorings can provide an additional security benefit.

Several of our non-slip matting materials have unique finishes. It is the aim of these additional texts on non-slip floors to further enhance the adhesion provided by the rubber materials. Every increased projection results in a larger non-slip rubber base finish, giving the rubber pad improved gripping.

Structured anti-slip rubber mats provide an even more secure ground that can prevent slipping and falling and prevent pedestrian intrusion. Only rubber provides such an efficient anti-slip covering! Humidity is a permanent cause of slipping risks in all areas, whether in the home, trade or industry. If someone looses their grip in both cases, this is usually the outcome of going over a damp layer of water.

Attention must be paid to this type of danger in an industrial environment, as the available surface areas of these areas are very harsh and unyielding. Luckily, the rubber in our non-slip vinyl is naturally waterproof and does not take up humidity. A non-slip rubber ground pad keeps its traction-enhancing properties even in damp conditions.

We do, however, provide some non-slip rubber matting with drain hole on its finish. The drain openings provide extra protection against too much rain by ensuring that the top of the pad remains clean and accessible. As our rubber matting is not affected by humidity, dampness does not influence the areas they cover.

Several of our non-slip floor coverings are regarded as year-round non-slip materials because they have outstanding resistance to ultraviolet rays due to the high proportion of EPDM as a basic component. That means you can place our non-slip rubber matting outside for an extensive period of your life without worrying about immediate crack or discolouration on it.

Non-slip rubber also makes cleaning and maintenance simple as it is waterproof. Longevity is another feature that makes a non-slip ground cover an intelligent invention. Much of our rubber backing is made from environmentally friendly, recyclable rubber tyre crumbs. Because rubber tyres are engineered to withstand a wide range of rugged environments, our non-slip rubber tread is inherently wear and tear proof and will withstand rugged environments, wear and tear, wear from nature's components, machine tools and walking.

Non-slip rubber mats and floors resist harsh conditions for long durations and offer security and serenity. Non-slip rubber mats are an intelligent and simple way to protect you and your employees from damage. Purchase a non-slip carpet that is secure, long-lasting, effective to use and affordably priced for your industrial workspace.

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