Industrial Rubber backed Mats

Rubber-coated industrial mats

Contains also a non-slip rubber underlay. Elastic rails/roller mats are ideal where safety, additional traction and directional mats are required. Coconut rolls and mats coated with PVC / vinyl. National Sales Manager, Brian Evans, Superior Manufacturing Ultralux Durable, durable, high-quality, non-slip, rubberized floor mats. Door mats made of rubberised coconut fibre.

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Although we recognise that each sector is different, there are some kinds of industrial mats that can be used in all industrial uses. Each industrial area, for example, will have an entryway and will therefore need an industrial rubber mats, an industrial mats or an industrial entry mats to prevent contamination from entering the premises with the shoes of employees and people.

Industrial mats are needed in some branches because personnel have to work long periods of time, which can ultimately lead to joint and muscle disorders. Manufactured for a wide range of applications, from school and office entry mats to counterbacterial coated locker room and canteen kitchen mats, to waterhog and anti-fatigue design solutions that are ideal for those who spend long periods on the production line.

With our meticulously engineered industrial doormats and industrial rubber mats, you have the ideal solution to ensure that every job is safe, tidy and your employees are well-cared for. Manufactured from high grade, long lasting material engineered for high loads, our industrial mesh solution is a rewarding return on your investments.

Do you need help selecting the right mats for your business? Contact us today and let us help you find the right industrial mats for your area.

Gummimatten - entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats and kitchen mats

No matter if anti-fatigue mats or entry mats - we certainly have the right one for you. One of the most frequently used mats in the industrial sector is anti-fatigue matting. Ranging from retailer shops to factory floors, anti-fatigue mats are a critical element in helping companies succeed. We offer our anti-fatigue mats in rubber, expanded plastic, gels or a combination of both.

Our industrial anti-fatigue mats offer comfortable feet support and stand for longer durations. In areas where humidity can be a problem, we suggest the use of our rubberised or rubberised industrial mats. The rubber is more slip-resistant when still damp, which is very important in the industrial sector. Our industrial anti-fatigue mats are all very simple to wash and care with a brush, tube or brush.

Customary entry mats are manufactured with the highest possible material standards. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, these mats help eliminate excessive debris, moisture and debris from footwear. Entry mats are essential for the protection of your floors from external influences. Rubber entry mats for outdoors.

It is a very long-lasting rubber that can withstand the forces of the element. It' also more slip-resistant when it' watery, which contributes to avoiding a risk of slipping in front of your company. The majority of our interior mats are made of thread. Thread is a very long-lasting fabric and is very well suited for catching moisture, mud and debris from footwear.

Each of our industrial entry mats has a rubber backing that will help keep the mats in place. Exterior industrial mats can be wiped with a tube or brush, while interior industrial mats can be wiped with a brush or vac. Stoneware or cement is the right material for most canteen canteens.

Like everyone who has worked in the Kitchen knows, these floorings are like sweltering warm water on their legs after a long working days. In order to reduce the stress of being on a tough floor such as tiles or cement, anti-fatigue mats have been developed for the canteen. There are two colours and a range of designs for our industrial mats.

A key characteristic you will see with these mats is that they are all lightweight. These mats have different sized perforations to allow running debris to flow into the drain, which in turn contributes to keeping the pad non-slip. Our industrial mats are fat and oil proof, very easily cleaned and maintained.

Your industrial mats will look all new with tube and brush.

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