Industrial Rubber Flooring Tiles

Rubber industrial flooring tiles

Types of rubber include sheets and tiles of different thickness depending on the situation. Elastic floor tiles with drainage holes. Industrial rubber mat tile with drainage holes. There are many possibilities for rubber floors. Rollers, tiles and mats are all commonly used in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications.

Gum Floor Coverings and Gum Tiles Manufacturer

Our company is active in the production, wholesale and trade of a broad spectrum of rubber floors, rubber tiles, rubber mats, gymnasium floors and sports floors. In addition, we also offer services for laying rubber floors. Our assortment includes a large variety of rubber floors, rubber tiles, rubber mats, rubber mats, gym floors and sports floors. Because of their low cost and top quality characteristics, all our flagship brands are extremely popular.

In addition, we also offer services for laying rubber floors.

Megalock 30 "x30" Heavy-duty interlocking rubber floor tiles

Megalock high-performance recycling rubber floors are available in 1/2" or 3/4" heights. Available in uni schwarz, these recycle rubber tiles are also available in a wide range of stain colours. Nonslip finish is easily cleaned and maintained making this glove perfect for fitness floors, fitness studio rubber floors or industrial rubber floors.

This 30 "x30" environmentally friendlier Mega-Lock rubber tile is made in the USA from recycling tyre waste. These large rubber tiles are engineered to create an interchangeable pad that is large enough not to need glue but still handy and flexible in use. They are industrial rubber tiles. The tiles may have some minor changes in thicknesses and the jigsaw joints between the tiles are not particularly dense and therefore exposed.

When a cosmetic rubber tile is not the most important thing for you, but the prices are right... and you only want extremely long-lasting, inexpensive rubber tiles, then this tile is just right. The MegaLock nested rubber tiles are often bought by government, municipal, military authorities, storage facilities, production facilities, contractors, marine, fitness centers, etc.

If you need a refined look, take a look at our professionally designed Tuff-n-Easy rubber tiles, rubber roller floors or rubberized expanded products. Megalock rubber tiles can be laid without difficulty on almost any flat finish, whether it' laid on cement, bitumen, wood or tiles. Tiles are held together safely by the distinctive tabs without the need for costly glues, tape or application.

Installing it is as simple as adjusting the straps and squeezing them together with your finger or a rubber hammer. Tiles can also be dismantled and re-assembled several times without damage. Suitable for industrial use, shock-absorbing, noise-absorbing, fatigue-free rubber floor covering. Manufactured from 100% premium recycled rubber (except for the colour stain which is made from EPDM rubber).

Ideal for interior and exterior use of rubber floors. Every tiles is available as angle, edging or interior tiles. Therefore, the addition of a tiles to an exisiting line of joined tiles will append "30" to the overall length. Outside, a small tube of tubing, a blowing fan or a brush is enough.

Remember that rubber always has a "rubber" smell that decreases with age. A wide range of plain blacks and 5 coloured tiles to select from. Coloured tiles consist of 10% colour stain.

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