Industrial Rugs with Logo

Carpets for industry with logo

Industrial mats of all types. Perfect for restaurants and canteen kitchens. Anti-fatigue mats - Logo mats - Rubber mats - Anti-fatigue mats.

Quality, variety and value in one!

All in one: Excellence, diversity and value! Our company offers a broad assortment of carpet tiles for all your needs of highest qualitiy and low price floors. We' re making the next wave of logo pads with the most photo-realistic pictures ever! Logomats for companies are offered: Offering the best qualities for a large selection of Gummimatten, Fußmatten und Teppich-Logo-Matten und Inlay-Logo-Matten, gerrit t plus, Rinnen-Eingangmatten, recycelte Matten, Eingangs-Fußmatten, zu den geringsten Preisen, we are supplier of interior and exterior panels for commercial, housing and industrial use.

Customized School Mats, School Floor Mats, School Entrance Mats

Tailor-made vinyl linked matting provides an excellent way to improve any entrance to the campsite building: With pride you show your colours, mascots, slogans, emblems or insignias. To unleash and promote the scholastic mind by showing a favorite text, embassy, vision, or date of foundation, or by honouring a distinguished person, teacher, or philanthropist.

Presentation of performance at schools by list of awards won through academical and sporting competitions. Offers the possibility for a pupil, student or organization gift projects. The vinyl jointed mat has a robust, long-lasting life, reduces floor contamination and abrasion and promotes security under the feet. Truncated edges are also available for meshes that need to be fitted into a cut-out or cut-out in the floor covering.

Doormats are available in any sizes, with a selection of 14 colours for your individual designs. Go to our OFFERS AND INQUIRIES page to submit your proposed lay-out with your logo, font, emblem, logo, mask, insignia etc. You will receive a free computer-aided dimensional sketch by e-mail for your verification.

If you wish, you can make changes and/or adjustments and we will make a reworked dimensioned sketch available to you free of charge and without commitment. Additionally, you will get a binding quote and a digitized pattern of the 14 coloured vinyls used in the manufacturing process. Here are just a few examples of the thousand of doormats we have made for school.

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