Industrial Runners Mats

lndustrial running mats

Rails for industrial use for aisles, assembly lines or order processing. Matting for wet areas, heavily frequented areas. The polyester and rubber mats dry faster and are easy to clean. Gummilaufmatten keep your floors clean and protect against harmful dirt and deposits. Protective floor mats and skids are often used in highly frequented areas where you need to cover and protect your floor.

Water-repellent grooved surface of these carpet runners prevents slipping and falls.

Water-repellent grooved finish of these carpet runners prevents slipping and falls. The runners provide excellent support for the finish and are easily cleaned. PVC bottom protector that ripples, shrinks and does not part. 1/8 and 5/8" thick blackened PVC and the ripped finish of these vinyls provide more grip and wear resistance in high frequency areas.

In the case of chopped length mats, the prices per Linear Base apply. In order to indicate orders in line base, please type in the number of mats required in "Quantity" and place them in the "Shopping Cart" where you can indicate the number of line base in "Length". Hint: Allow a cutting mat allowance for each side.

Please call the toll-free number 1-800-645-1232 for individually tailored length mats in inches (e.g. 6'6" mats). Individually tailored mats are not refundable. Please click here to see our full range of anti-fatigue mats, drainage mats, floor mats, entry mats, antistatic mats and more....

Rubberized running rails | Industrial carpet mats

The 3x12 entry mats are perfect as an enclosure for most walk-in mats. When a 3' x 12' entry mats, engineered to absorb humidity, is followed by a 3x12 walk-off mats, engineered to scratch the end product, a very efficient ground mats system is in place. Research has shown that 18-foot straight industrial carpets can absorb about 75% of the debris and humidity from correctly selected industrial carpets before they are further fed into the structure.

Apply 3x12 rug mats for absorbtion and 3x12 foot mats that keep footwear cleaned together for optimum results. If you need help selecting the best 3x12 industrial slides for your facility, please call us at 800-685-1144.

Max soil protection & traction control.

Maximal soil conservation & traction control. Ground mat rails are engineered to offer a secure stand with minimal motion in any area. Ground runners are perfect for a wide range of manufacturing sites, catwalks, fitness studio grounding, parts counting, laboratory areas and catering equipment use. Indoor runners are engineered for indoor use and can be used in combination with an anti-fatigue mat for optimum power, protective and occupational health and comfort.

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