Inset Floor Mat

Insert floor mat

We can supply recesses or cast frames as under mat frames for our recessed entrance mats. Deepened mat with chrome plated cover. Floor mat front door mats, front doors, grey carpets, blanket,. The detection of dirt and debris with recessed channels ensures clean and safe floors. Find out why Karndean is well equipped with an inlaid mat.

Built-in grids - Built-in floor mats

Embedded gratings are perfect for high frequented areas such as offices, schools, airfields and clinics. Furthermore, we deliver carpets that are intended to catch interior and exterior shoe soiling. Perfec Clean Mats & Grilles offer a convenient, non-slip finish that will help clean away damp, slick surfaces created by sludge, soil and moisture.

This mat is available either in our proprietary thermoplastics elastomer hinges or in our custom aluminium hinges. Matting can be countersunk or overlying. The gratings are made of aluminium bars which allow the accumulation of dust, mud, sand droplets and moisture under the surfaces. Our flooring is available in a broad palette of colours and finishes to enhance your brand.

The mat first eliminates the debris and then contains it deeply in the beads. Notice: Not advisable when rolling heavier devices over mat. Obtainable with chamfered trimming for wall installation or quadratic trimming for installation use. Frame must be mounted on site and mounted so that the top of the frame is flush with the final flooring.

It is a peculiar floor cover in tiles and stripe shape made from recyclable stripes of industry tyre shells. tread of the stripe is ice coated and vulcanised into a soft carrier. This is a robust, non-absorbent, highly wear-resistant flooring material for interior and exterior use, in government premises, colleges, ramps, changing rooms or gateways.

You can use our environmental glue to join your tile to the floor. The Berber is insensitive to ultraviolet rays and can be trimmed to any dimension and form without the edge loosening. It can be directly bonded or made into made-to-measure meshes with all-round edge. Obtainable with plain back for sunken use or with button back for free installation.

Customer specific dimensions are available with a high profiled all round edge. Successfully completes flammability test FF 1-70 / ASTM D2859. The 3/16 " thick back layer provides complete impermeability to the floor, just like webbed bristle mat. This mat can be shaken, vacuumed or rinsed for easy cleaning. It is available in roll form and is ideally suited for mounting and vestibule use.

Max available sizes are 78 3/4" width x 41' length. Used damp, the rubber-reinforced finish allows drainage of excess rain to the bottom of the mat, below the sidewalk, and provides a non-slip finish. The unique ribbed design retains debris and humidity below boot height. Replace broken or deteriorated tile with ease.

National Floor Safety Institute certification for anti-skid properties. The tile dimensions are 18" x 18". The unique ribbed, rubber-reinforced construction catches debris and drains humidity below the boot surface so it won't get into your interior. Replace broken or deteriorated tile with ease. This is the ideal dust guard for outdoor and installation use.

Long-lasting synthetic rubber mat withstands strong wear from cars and scratches off debris and stains. The mat is unlaminated to allow dust and humidity to flow off for ease of cleaning.

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