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Find out more about our range of high-quality and durable door mats at reasonable prices. Turn your appearance into a stylish one with cool door mats. Whilst the dirt remains outside, front door mats are a stylish option. When you have dogs or children, you can place a mat both outside and inside the door to collect even more dirt. Home;

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Door mats are durable and help keep your flooring and carpeting longer-lasting. Manufactured from durable fibers and an elastic nap, our line of interior door mats help keep footwear and boot footwear free of debris and slime and help keep the remainder of the walk area in your home stain-free.

Available in a variety of entrance size options to suit your home, they are made of polyamide, coconut fibre, gum and other long-lasting fabrics. Inspect the KÖGE Braun and Schwarz KÖGE polyamide and elastic mats, which are intended for use in the general area. Door mats are engineered with the most resistant and long-lasting material, but are also simple.

The KÖGE and BORRIS styles have either natural or synthetic material underneath so that they do not slip on the ground under your feet. The mats are also really simple to wash; a short shaking process to the outside or a fast vacuum cleaning removes dusts and soiling.

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If you buy directly from the producer, get the best prices for high value goods, if you find a better value for another article, call us at 1800 316 453 and we will improve this one. The warranty is also valid for 45 workingdays after purchase! All orders of stored goods placed on-line are backed by our 365 day money back guarantee for your safety.

Returns can be made up to 365 business days after the date of original order. Submit your order by 14:00 for same date shipping with our item expedited courier service. Please call our distribution office at 1800 316 453 to arrange an appointment. Please see the Deliveries & Returns tab for the respective products for details of lead time.

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Featuring an expansive selection of designs, fabrics and dimensions, a stylish door mats from our stylish Interiors Online product line will put you on the right track. In order to make sure that you put the best feet of your home forward Interiors Online have an extensive selection of door mats in a wide array of different fabrics, shades and styles to choose from.

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