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If you are looking for something playful, discover our selection of doormats with animal motifs. Not a place like home Sweet Home doormat. Fit or harmonise the colour of a door mat with the door colour and then look at the shape. Selecting and using floor mats. Mustang Ford horse medallion doormat.

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Keeping your home, flat, business or business tidy by putting these super absorbing entrance carpets in place! Designed to remove and retain sludge, debris, sand, dusts, snows and damp from footwear. The Agréable superabsorbent interior door mat stops your door from getting dirty!

These watertight door matting is made from the highest grade material. Strengthened seams made of the same material as the inner mat itself ensure a long service life even in the liveliest homes. We have used environmentally sound, secure and non-toxic material to develop the ultrashort lasting floor mat for outdoor use.

This superabsorbent door mat consists of 45% pure organic and 55% microfibre. Just walk on the carpet at the front door and your feet will stay on the smooth carpet. Larger size Unlike most welcome matting, which is quite small, our 24X36 size covers a large area in your entrance area and attaches to your home.

You can use it as utility room, terrace, corridor carpet, bath mat, walker in front of your door, in your door, in your shop, in your office, in your lounge, in your car park, in your home or flat.

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Rules of Feng Shui for door mats

Join us for the welcome to the front door of your home with affordable colours, forms and accessoires such as doorsills. Whenever you or a visitor cross it to step into your room, the right door mat gives you a surge of power. Even if you don't use the front door as your front door and just crouch inside through the garages, it is the front door that is the lips of your qi where power comes into the house.

Orientation of the door is determined by the colour of the door and the colour and form of the cheapest door mat. Locate the door's pointing orientation and choose the best colour for your furniture with the help of the elements of genshui. Fit or harmonise the colour of a door mat with the door colour and then look at the form.

Southern - Fire rules the southern part and the colours of fire are lilac, violet, deep blue, bright green and dark rose. Wooden elements also nourish the fire, so you can choose to use green and brown tones for these colours. Square forms - triangles/stars - are the forms of the fireplace. Northern water is the northern part.

The colours of the waters are mainly dark brown and dark with a little bit of grey and red, and the form of the waters is round or warped. Western and Northwestern - The metallic panel is located to the western and northwestern sides. The metallic colours are whites, greys, metallic and to a smaller degree earthy. Metals are shaped either as squares or round - very symmetric.

Door mat designs with quadratic or round forms are also a stroke of luck. Eastern and Southeastern - The wooden panel is located to the eastern and southeastern sides. The colours of the timber are green and brown, but the timber is reinforced and enhanced by the soil and aquatic environment, so the colours may be blue, dark brown, yellow and earthy.

Squares are the form of timber - this is the classics for a door mat and easily found. South West or Northeast - The terrestrial elements are located in the southwest and northeast. The colours of the ground are sand, tone and ground shading as well as reds, pinks, yellows and purples - none of them pastel colours. Best form for the mat is quadratic.

Feng Shai schools teach how a mat at the door, which is about as broad as the door, is a real cash attraction and will stimulate your careers. Keep in mind that if you do not imitate the clean colours and forms of each panel due to lack of room or the other colours of the façade, you can count on mat design and neutrals with coloured edges to enhance the inviting power of your front door.

Significant changes in colour and form influence the important Chi-mouth and the resulting happiness. Don't mention sweet slogans and unmarked blankets. Vacation matting should be exhibited with the utmost diligence - without cheesy or overloaded motifs - and should be immediately taken off at the end of the vacation time. Pale beachesy flip-flops in February or Happy Holidays! With Christmas stars in July, it indicates that you're either idle or just don't take good care of the important doorway at your house gateway.

There is no need to confine a door mat to the outside, though you may want a supplementary carpet area directly in the door instead of another mat. Inside, the rules are more complicated than outside, because you have to match the décor of the house with every carpet or mat and harmonise both inside and outside at the entrance.

Meaningful restrictions are important: each mat should be non-slip and non-slip on a burnished base; low enough to allow the door to open and shut free; and large enough for visitors to walk fully on the mat - not half up, half down from a small piece of foot. Is your front door seeing a lot of travel, does it open onto a dust ily, slimy, snow-covered or greened access path or does it conceal a sensitive, ready-made wooden, terracotta or sandstone ground?

Otherwise, a walk-off mat inside the door captures much of the sand and debris that might otherwise get into your home. Running boards for indoors and outdoors eliminate even more debris and should be regularly washed to maximise their efficiency. Used in your door mat, the material influences the fast or slower flow of your chip.

When you want to decelerate the power before it reaches your open door - e.g. from a too strait way instead of a winding way - select a yarn for it. When you want this power to flow past a less than suspicious doorway - one with toxic darts like ledges or corner buildings pointing to the door - select yarn to use.

Gum crops symbolise fullness and richness and rubber blankets are ideal for cleaning your legs - all good. Drawing your focus to something as unimportant as a door mat indicates that your commitment to optimising your surroundings is relentless and sincere. By choosing a door mat with great diligence, you will help to ensure that you can enjoy the everyday energies and unique occasions of your customers.

A happy ploy is to stick Feng-shui ribbon tied tokens of gold under the mat to win cash for your door - three tokens are fine, but nine is better.

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