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The Larco Safety Mat Controller allows multiple mats to be operated together, making it easy to activate or deactivate industrial processes. Larco safety mat systems and how they work. The Larco Presence Detection Switching Mat works like a closer. It' a commitment that has made Larco an industry leader. Safety Mats How robust are Larco Safety Mats?

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Larco has been focusing on the development and production of the most dependable and long-lasting safety matting on the market for 60 years. Larco safety blankets are engineered to satisfy the high demands of the industry and provide a permanent safety response to your machinery safety needs that will withstand the harsh environments with dependable system performances. The Larco occupancy detector works like a normally open button.

On entering, the "switch" is closed and transmits a stop command to the PLC, which transmits a stop command to the monitored PLC. The Larco controllers supply information to the system by controlling the Safety Mat. The Larco safety mat can be backed up with a wide range of cladding and assembly techniques designed for a wide range of enviroments, for example high truck load areas.

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We will open the doors for you and your next 10,000,000,000 people. Larco has been a leading provider of accessibility technology for government since 1957. Today Larco provides a wide variety of entry-level solutions, from the industry's most long-lasting mat and automatic sensor to platen switch and more. THIS IS A NEW, INNOVATIVE WAY TO PRESENT YOUR SECURITY MESSAGES.

Announcing a new way of adapting your embassy, Larco is pleased to announce. We bring safety to the top. The Larco Safety Mat is known to withstand the most severe environments. Rely on Larco to deliver the most dependable and long-lasting solution in the business to satisfy your needs. The Larco safety and attendance detection technology redefines what is possible today.

We offer everything from powerful tools that guarantee users' personal information and confidentiality to personalized acces, surveillance and discovery. With Larco, you get the right tech, right now. Larco, as a leading provider of accessibility enabling connectivity services, offers state-of-the-art connectivity for every kind of facility you can think of, from safe commerce to retailing.

We work with you to specify and deploy the right technologies for you. Occupational safety is work one. With today's production environments becoming increasingly automation, global marketers rely on Larco security solutions to protect their employees. The safety mat sets the benchmark for longevity and dependability.

See the Larco-Distinction. Larco goes one step further to ensure that you get the accessibility technologies you need to reach your objectives. We will even be meeting with you at your company to better understanding your users environments and your accessibility and security needs. We then work with you to develop a blueprint that will deliver the technologies you need, within your budgets.

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