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Big carpet tiles

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What makes office carpet tiles available in different sizes?

Teppichfliesen Spezifikationen can be a mess of different dimensions, forms and dimensions. It can be hard to find the right form and dimension for your business, from large 1m2 tiles to small carpets. Against this background, we take a look at the most popular dimensions of paper carpet tiles - and explore the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Since their first use in the 1960', carpet tiles have undergone innumerable heterations. Initially, carpet tiles were largely a by-product of the production methods used, but today's carpet tiles have developed into a number of relatively standardized dimensions with different properties that are useful for a wide array of uses.

The majority of carpet tiles producers have two different carpet tiles available. Those who use impress measurement are usually 36in2 and 24in2; and for those who use meter measurement, it is relatively common to find 1m2 and 50cm2 tiles. Also, many producers have begun to provide a third, smaller dimension of tiles. These tiles, often called " boards ", have a dimension of 25 cm x 1 meter or 12 inches x 36 inches.

Although these dimensions may seem bewildering at first, each is best for a particular use. In order to find the right carpet tiles for your business, it is important to comprehend the different properties of each carpet tiles type. In general, the following applies: the bigger the tiles, the lower the costs of installing them.

Although the cost of waterproofing and undercoating your subfloor does not depend on the carpet tiles dimensions, 1m of carpet tiles are less expensive to fit than 50cm of tiles - fewer tiles are needed to hide the location, and less effort is required to glue, strip the adhesive strip and fit each tiles physical. There is one reservation, however: bigger tiles can be harder, more voluminous and more manoeuvrable.

Whereas a 24in2 or 50cm2 case is relatively easy to handle, a 36in2 or 1m2 case requires more transport efforts and stowage area. But if your company is large enough to justify the use of 1m2 tiles, it is likely that storeroom will not be a concern - so 1m2 tiles are perfectly suited for coverage of many areas in large open areas.

A certain amount of carpet scrap is to be anticipated with every type of carpet plumbing, especially when carpet is laid. Although in general there is a significant reduction in the amount of refuse produced by the use of carpet modules, the amount of refuse produced also depends on the carpet tiles you choose. Small carpet tiles are more likely to blend into a room without requiring too much clipping; less garbage is produced from cladding losses in comparison to large carpet tiles.

Particularly in smaller rooms, such as hallways or small meeting rooms, where large 1m2 tiles can produce a large amount of wastes. Smaller tiles (especially the slim country house board styles ) may be a more appropriate option in these cases. Various carpet tiles in different dimensions make it possible to create different kinds of aesthetics.

Using advanced printing technologies, it is possible to produce large format prints that are perfectly suited to produce beautiful samples in a large indoor area. Small carpet tiles allow a different aesthetics and break up the look of the ground by placing tiles in a number of different ways. Boards are also enjoying increasing success as their slimmer form offers the opportunity to produce a variety of distinctive and cutting-edge designer layout that conventional carpet tiles cannot do.

For certain types of carpet tiles, the appearance of the stitching can sometimes be a problem. Fortunately, 1m2 tiles have less exposed stitching than smaller 50cm2 tiles; and as the carpet tiles continue to enhance in appearance over the years, the stitching becomes less and less exposed. It is important to keep in mind when selecting carpet tiles that there is no right or incorrect sizing.

Large and small carpet tiles can provide an appealing, eye-catching look for your business - and by balancing the advantages and disadvantages of each dimension in relation to plumbing, garbage and styling agility, you can select the ideal carpet tiles dimension for your business. If you would like to help select the right carpet tiles for your business, please feel free to browse our free white paper.

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