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Interested in our doormat coir neutral black grey? Categories - Products - Mats - Double Doormats; Welcome Greek Large Coconut Mat. Grecian big coconut mat. Door mat Natural coconut fibre Large home Exterior Carpets Doormat Waterproof.

Enhance your door with this stylish and stylish Doormat "Welcome".

Our company offers home deliveries of our assortment of select wares.

Our company offers home deliveries of our assortment of select wares. For smaller articles we calculate 3.95 for shipping. The fee for bigger articles which 2 persons need to supply is £8.95. A number of articles available from us are supplied directly by our vendors. Check out our Home Shipping FAQ. No amount of item you want, you only have one shipping fee per order.

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Your mats are more than just a place where you can clean your legs, they tell your guests a little about themselves and what to look forward to when they step into your home. No matter whether you are an animal enthusiast or an England enthusiast, a passionate horticulturist or a future humorist, we have a coconut floor mats that reflects your character.

There is a broad selection of interior and exterior doormats, from classical design to statements that you won't find on High Streets. There is also a large selection of fun floor matting, with quotations, to put a grin on the face of the most grumpy of visitors. Unfortunately, not everyone is as worried about your rugs as you are, and especially kids and teens don't usually get too busy when they wipe their toes.

We therefore advise you to double and use the floor mats for indoors and outdoors to catch as much debris as possible before they get on your creme-coloured rug. The majority of our floor mats are made of coir fibre, a naturally occurring substance extracted from coir shells. We' re sure that our floor mats are durable enough to resist anything you can toss at them, from slimy rubber boots to snow storms.

The coconut floor mats can be used both inside and outside, as they are glued with PVC, so that they do not scrape the hard floor or harm the rug. In addition to coconut fibre, we also offer floor mats, also in forgings, which are ideally suited for the removal of sludge, grasses and other deposits.

We have to see a keeper who has succeeded in getting his pets to clean their legs before they enter a shelter.

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