Large Commercial Rugs

Big commercial carpets

You will find great offers for range carpets, throw carpets, runners, outdoor carpets & mats. When you have carpets all over the house, big carpets look good on carpets too. Our customers are both commercial and private. The Jumbo tiles are the perfect solution for medium to large rooms.

This tile is the heaviest industrial/commercial quality there is.

Big commercial entrance mats - environmentally friendly and water-absorbing

6'50" x 74" 6' 6' 8'74" X 97" 6' 6' 10'74" x 121" 6' 12'74" X 145" 6' 16'74" 6' 192" 6' 20'74" × 240" Assembly Mat ting is the ultimate commercial rug mat. Assembly provides improved longevity and endurance. Construction mattresses, retailer mattresses and sanitary mattresses are just a few of the many applications perfect for mounting carpets.

This matting is commonly used in indoor and outdoor areas of entrance areas to retailers, offices, hotels, hospital facilities, super markets, school canteens and other high-traffic areas. Suggested use: premises or restaurant.

Carpet Sizes Standards

Fitted for corridors, doors, entrances, in front of stools and wherever there is excess abrasion of flooring. Above mentioned dimensions are standart dimensions. A few carpets are slightly bigger or smaller than these heights. Suited for the two-seater sofa, under the coffeetable, in lounge or familiy rooms, under the dinner desk (2-6 seats).

Suited for under the dinner desk (4-8 seats), in common or familiar rooms, in the Rumpel or home theatre room, under the cot. Suited for under the dinner desk (6-12 seats), in the living or living room, in the Rumpel or home theatre room. Many other different plus other different dimensions in stock.

On-ehunga carpets and rugs

Our ability to offer low-cost rugs is based on our ability to purchase end-of-line and surplus rugs - and we share the cost to you. On-ehunga rugs and rugs offer an overlock facility. We can make rugs and matting to suit the rug in your home or shop. On-ehunga rugs and rugs have standard features at very low rates, so take a look at the page features.

Canberra' s biggest flooring exhibition with an ample selection of carpets

At Bob Walker's Carpets we have an ample assortment of carpets to suit your needs. There' s no question that maintaining your rug will prolong its lifespan and help maintain its good looks. Failure to clean sufficiently can cause these items to impair the look of your rug, leaving it matt and inanimate.

It is therefore essential to keep your rug as neat as possible by aspirating it at least every few weeks. Regular vacuum cleaning, stain removing and occasionally "washing" your rug fibres are crucial to their durability. With our extensive knowledge, we know the specifics of all kinds of carpets, whether at home or in the office.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in Belconnen to get a quote for your carpet today. What we mean is that you have better things to do than spend the whole working days waiting for plumbers and craftsmen.

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