Large Custom Rugs

Big made-to-measure carpets

An illustration of bamboo cane and leaves designed for an individual carpet. For a seven foot Tri Colored Fade Custom carpet. Carpets of any size can be produced with individual dimensions, cut to inch. Carpets Traditional Range, Contemporary Carpets, Modern Carpets, at special prices. Make and view carpet designs from our wide selection of carpet fields and borders.

Big Carpets

When you are fortunate enough to have a beautiful open layout and large rooms in your home, you will need a carpet that is bigger than a regular carpet to fill the area. Proud to be able to create, produce and deliver large and room-high carpets that are perfectly suited for the definition of open lounge or dinner room.

A large carpet can have a big influence on the look and feeling of a room, whether brave and light or luxury and minimal. They are not only optically breathtaking, large carpets can also help to attenuate the acoustic of a large room and give comfort to large surfaces with naked floors.

All our carpets have a 200 x 300 cm dimension, but since we are custom build experts, it is simple to make a large copy of one of our styles - the only limitation is your fantasy! Round, rectangular, circular or individual, we can produce an extra large carpet with a meticulously magnified pattern placed by our own locally based designer group.

Ask today for an additional large carpet using one of our styles with the desired sizes, or we can offer you a price per sqm to match your price. Click on the carpets below to see them in detail.

big carpets - carpets coputure

Here at ruscouture we are offering a uniquely large custom carpet manufacturing facility and can supply large custom carpets to the precise specification of our clients. Carpets from our fashion range are all made to order, with dimensions up to 5m x 6m (16ft x 19ft) and even greater dimensions that can be ordered through our website.

Like with all our carpet accessories, we strive to provide this within 6 weeks. Large carpets can take a little longer and we will assist you in ordering if you are buying a very large carpet or rugs.

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