Large Grey Doormat

Big grey doormat

Dots Grey Large Doormat. An absorbent "thirsty" mat in warm, neutral slate grey with a fun carved dot design, this mat lives up to its name inside and out. Doormats and runners magically absorb water, mud and dirt! Super gripper back helps keep floor mats and runners in place! Gray with light gray bone.

Big grey doormat for at home

This is our favourite doormat for home in a smooth grey. The coconut mats are thick and made of coconut fibre with outstanding scrape-resistance. Robust, long-lasting and well manufactured, these floor mats give your door the impeccable decorative note and at the same time are extremely handy. Deeply penetrating into the coconut fibers, the dyestuff ensures a long-lasting finishing and years of use.

It is 90 cm long, 60 cm broad and 4 cm high. *In order to guarantee the best possible service and lasting appearance of your doormat, please make sure it does not get too damp, allow it to quickly drip after wetting, and be careful that cat and bird scratches can cause damaging and excess hair loss.

Gray Doormat - Turtle Mat Animal Mat

Superior doormats - this was used for setting up on top of our basement staircase to prevent filth from being traced around the home - work really well, assuredly much better than a cheap doormat previously used. Purchased in the past and used through the front and back doors as well as through the toilet to stop walking through the building (works great for this reason and the kitten has fuzzy feet holding the litter).

As announced, we were frustrated by the mats not holding the mud, and after a single tag it seemed as if it had been there for month.

Unicoloured grey absorbent doormat large or very large - Buy now

Things can get chaotic, especially when a puppy follows sludgy footprints through your home! Doggy Doggy can help with this doormat. The doormat is made of microfibre ice cream, which collects moisture and mud. This mat's non-slip back helps keep it in place. The mats are machine-washable and dryer-proof, which makes cleaning easy.

You know as a pet owners that a tidy home is difficult to have. It can be tiring to keep your home tidy between the puppy's external coat, grassy surface and deposits, and the slimy footprints punched over your ground. That doormat can help.

Microfibre ice cream fabric takes up moisture and catches debris, which helps keep the outside out and your home sober!

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