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Car mats in leather

Producer of luxurious, individual car carpets made of leather. Leather Streetwize lowbed forefoot mats. Substitute your standard car floor mats with high-quality, leather-covered luxury mats. The luxurious carpets for your car underline your style and individuality. Complete interior package with seat covers and all-weather rubber mats.

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Client note: The images with the specifications in detail are for'detail information' only and not for colour or styling. Make sure that you fill in your complete car data properly. While we can make mats for over 800 car/SUV types, please contact us to see if you would like us to do so. Humans will want to sense your luxurious, individually designed car floor mats!

Shipment: It is the customer's own risk to ensure that the car and shipping information are accurate at the time of sale.

Products and suppliers:

Products and suppliers: Approximately 82% of them are car carpets, 1% are mats and 1% are carpets. There is a large selection of leather car mats available, such as non-slip, needled. We have 20,189 leather carrot supplier companies, mainly based in Asia. China (mainland), India and Singapore are the most important supplier nations, accounting for 99%, 1% and 1% of leather mats respectively.

Automated leather goods are most sought after in North America, Western Europe and Southeast Asia. Safeguard your company's safe operation by choosing from 1,175 ISO9001 and 327 ISO14001 approved vendors, and 290 other approved vendors.

Doormats in leather

This is why we have chosen to create a real leather covering that is long-lasting, impermeable to water and simple to wipe with a moist towel. As well as being a luxurious feature of your car, these impermeable doormats are also a sanitary and cleanable part of your car. Do you spill your own water, your own water or even your own cream?

Door mats are perfectly matched to your car. Have these leather mats been laid out for all-weather conditions? Leather mats have a special finish that makes them impermeable, non-slip and very cleanable. If you spill dust, sludge, water, dust or foodstuffs, our mats can easily be cleaned with a moist towel and soft sap.

Do your leather mats last long? The leather mats are VERY long-lasting. Our mats are guaranteed for two years - however these mats last much longer for our clients. As a rule, these mats last many years due to the special finish we apply to our leather.

These mats are made of real leather? Our leather mats are made in Europe with high grade real leather from Italy. Do you think these mats are perfect for my car? Nearly every mat kit that comes out of our plant is different - based on the high degree of customisation that is available to our clients.

Could you make leather mats to cover my boot? There are mats for every car that we can and will make. For how long do I have to reckon with the supply of my Custom-Fit leather mats? Every mat kit is individually made for you in Europe. What do the mats do to secure themselves in my car?

Our fixing system allows you to fix your mats securely to your ground.

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