List of uk Carpet Manufacturers

British carpet manufacturers list

A collection of hand-knotted carpets made from a mixture of wool and artificial silk. Carpet product gallery including carpets, patterned textured wool and wool mix carpets. The Brintons Carpets range is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of woven carpets. Carpets also produces tufted and engraved carpets. The Burmatex is a British carpet manufacturer of contract carpets.

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Handknotted carpet made from a mixture of woollen and artificial sheen. Carpet range including carpet, structured woollen patterns and mixed woollen mats. Kidderminster has been a woven carpet business for over 200 years. Design es and produce virgin woolen carpet in Kidderminster, with a guideline to its own ranges, a list of retail outlets and the possibility of obtaining a pattern.

A sector based QA campaign that provides its own codes of conduct, purchasing guidance and information on its customer care programmes. For many years an esteemed exempt private company producing felt and foams, with a guideline on products, services and contact. British manufacturers and distributors of smooth and structured carpets made of premium cotton and synthetic fibres.

Provider of rugs, carpet tile and floors for office, hotel, pub, hospital and education. West Yorkshire carpet substrate and carpet accessory manufacturer specialising in environmentally responsible recycling product. Produces and delivers household and trade rugs; displays their catalog, inventory, messages and careers with a list of specialist dealers.

Cleckheaton carpet manufacturers, the heartland of the English woollen textiles tradition, provide an overview of their home and commercial carpet collections, design and contact. Produces and delivers a broad assortment of wool-rich rugs and vegetable fiber coverings for the home markets; descriptions of their produce, with maintenance instructions and a list of specialist dealers.

British carpet manufacturers list

ABINDON Flooring - Abingdon Flooring is the UK's biggest producer of top class carpet. Oxminster carpet Ltd - Manufacturers of gorgeous oxminster, wilton and tufting carpet accessories, which include backing, embossed structured wools and mixed wools. The Brockway Company specialises in the development and production of high value Kidderminster rugs. Newshey Carpets Ltd - A producer of Axminster, Colortec and Tufting rugs, mainly for the commercial carpet industry.

The Pownall Carpet - A premium UK woolen carpet maker that turns your home into a classy home.

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