Log Mat

Tree trunk mat

Logmat is a standard PLC product and is flexible on just one level. Featuring real weapons, a wide variety of game modes, and customizable characters, MAT is a great place to play! In order to store signals on an SD card, the MAT file logging option must be enabled. As well as harvesting wood, we have a sawmill where we have seen poor quality hardwood in canisters for the production of crane mats. EXCLUSION: This electronically generated information has no legal validity.

Mats for logging

Every mat is equipped with a strengthened slit area that allows the loader or glider to move the mat easily. There are 16' long pads for the logger. Wooden 5/4 oaken matting, screwed together for added strength. It is the aim of the lugging mat to enable the logger to keep his truck going even in dampness.

Reinforced lugging pads are 4 feet thick, so no allowance is required when carrying the pads. Strengthened backing pads are a strong coating that reduces the load on the vehicle using the pad and gives the pad a longer service lifetime. Strengthened backing pads are the longest durable backing pads available on the marine markets today.

The Lake Spirit's gigantic tree trunk mat for the sea spirit

Within a few short acres, the northern wall of the vulcano crumbled, causing a giant mudslide - the biggest mudslide in historic times - that quickly swept towards the nearby lake area and the Toutle River Valley, and left a 27-km-long rip. Situated only about 5 leagues N. E. of the Vulcan Krater, Spirit Lake got the full blow of the side explosion.

Approximately 1 million trunks were blasted from an overheated face of vulcanic grass and glowing scree and rocks from the nearby hill, and these, along with other remains, were dumped on Spirit Lakes. A landslide of ruins pushed a large part of the pond out of its bottom and sent 600-foot ripples that hit a crest just above the pond.

Once the waters returned to its pool, it dragged along with it hundreds of hundreds of other plants into the area. Some 350,000 hectares of pyrolysed tree were dumped in Spirit Lakes, and these broken apart tree species created a float on the sea bed that still exists today, more than three centuries after the incident.

Before the outbreak Spirit Lakes was a favourite and scenic waters and was known to many as a holiday resort. Today, Sprit Lakes is a desert, crossed by thousand of tree trunks and vulcanic ash. Enormous amounts of rubble reduced the sea level by approximately 46,000 hectares and its deepness by 80ft.

From the outburst, larvae and polyclastic river sediments block their naturally occurring pre-eruption outlets to the North Fork Toutle River Valley at its outlets, increasing the water level of the pond by 200ft. Seeing the massive extermination, researchers found that Sprit Lake provided them with a unique chance to investigate microscopic and biochemical changes and the biologic recovery of a pond heavily affected by a severe vulcanic upheaval.

The Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument was erected in 1982 to protect Spirit lake and other recreating eco-systems within the volcano's 220 square kilometre blasting area. Angling and other leisure pursuits that may interfere with Spirit Lake recreation are forbidden. That is one of the main causes why no attempt has been made to salvage the tree trunks and other wood rubble swimming in the pond.

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