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High quality, custom-made logo carpet of exceptional quality, plushness & detail. Square tufting and Ultra plush carpets complement every room in the household. Somebody say they're carpets? Long-lasting mat, ideal for medium to high traffic areas. Kern's Carpet One even makes individual carpets with logos!

Create a custom high detail logo area carpet with high detail accuracy

Guaranteed to make a mark with this logo overlay! What is the reason for a large logo area carpet? Individual logo area carpets place your logo where your clients cannot miss it - on the groundfloor. Area logo carpets are an important signposting project. Two versions of the logo carpet were ordered by this firm.

Two-colour ( blu and glossy ) logo stands on a sturdy dark ground to emphasise the turbulence in the logo. Carpet manufacturers centred the logo on both elliptical and quadratic carpets. On these pictures you can see our logo carpet crew working on the bindings on the picture above and on the logo area on the picture below.

If your company is a start-up or has been in operation for a long time, consider a logo area carpet as part of your brand-name and markeing-planning. We believe that your logo carpet(s) will be the foundation for your logo, your events or your promotions. You can find more logo carpets in our logo carpet gallery.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to order a logo area carpet.

Carpets Logo Area - Put your trademark where your legs are.

We have all listened to the sentence "Put your money where your Mouth is", but with logo area carpets contractors have a new option: Put your mark where your legs are. Individual logo area carpets express your corporate identity on the groundfloor for your clients. There are four good ways to make logo area carpets a part of your company.

Whatever and wherever your premises are, a mats can be adjusted to suit anywhere. Work from home, in an agency or in a less traditionally room, a matt with your logo "adapts" to the river. Whether you want it to integrate smoothly into your current décor or look like a light flash, the Acrobat logo pad allows you to find a look that suits you.

Individual logos bring your visual impact to new levels, or better said, to new low levels. Individual outdoors carpets take up a room that wouldn't do anything else and turn it into a new, uniquely way to present your mark and enhance your customers' awareness. As they are individually designed, logo carpets can be used with and for any size ofudget.

You are a permanent and one-of-a-kind promotional asset that offers a secure rate of return. Your company will be able to Unlike this expensive Bareeze Banners or eye-catching signs that hang on the walls, personalised ground pads provide a convenient way of doing things and at the same time are promotional workhorses. Make a big, light message, not just about your corporate identity and your dedication to it, but about you as well.

It gives you the opportunity to summarise and present what makes your company special, in a useful and unconventional way. Whether you are just getting started or have been in your field for years, tailor-made door matting has much to add to your environment.

No matter if you are looking for something diverse, something visual, something alive or something able to live - there is certainly a good chance for you to make these specialised matting the basis of your work. Mr. Henderson owns Rugs Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small township store with a nationwide footprint. Now Sandy relies on its 30 years of experience in bespoke carpets to assist customers throughout the USA with their bespoke and logo carpet choices.

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