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Deluxe floor mats and promotional items for cars, houses and business car mats: Worldwide the only machine washable car floor mat. We can embroider officially licensed car logos on our custom-fit carpet mats, giving your ride a high level of style. Individual rubber logo mats are a great first line of defense to remove dirt, snow, gravel and debris from the interior while presenting your brand. Car Carpet Logo, Manchester, Great Britain.

Create your own car floor mats

Looking for car carpets with logo? An automobile is a very private item of ownership. Automobile carpets with your own individual designs and a complete creative package. Automobile carpets with a logo are recommended in any case. Car mats with a logo have two advantages over sprayers and wheel trims.

A new set of wheels can costs anywhere from a few hundred euros to a car rug with a funny or inspirational picture or logo costing less than a ten. You can get some new ones if you're sick of the logo. You can also have your own logo or text applied to the carpets!

Good car mats, too. Car mats with logo are perfect for those who want to give an advantage to their own car, or who want to promote a company or other institutions for promotional use. The great thing about car carpets with a logo is that they always stand out.

Think of the effect you would have if you had your favorite print or your corporate logo imprinted on this mats. It' a very inexpensive way to attract the attentions of all your travelers, and your own individual tastes will help make the car even more of your own than it is at the moment.

There is a large selection of ready-made floor mats with logo available if you do not need your own brand. Our prefabricated car carpets with logo cost you less than a ten, which is almost nothing. More than enough reasons to buy a funny and individual car rug with logo from us!

If you have any question about our car mats with logo, please do not feel free to get in touch with us. Interested in applying your logo to a large number of car carpets? Do you need a face-to-face consultation?

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