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Every one of these logo mat programs leads to high-quality products that your customers will be very proud of. The Premium Waterhog Logo floor mats are manufactured using a unique, high quality inlay process, which means that this mat is specially cut from different carpet colours to achieve maximum resolution in detail so that your logo remains clean and visible. High-resolution carpet mats feature vivid digital imaging in photo quality. Find out more about our commercial logo mat products for retail, hospitality, sports, healthcare, corporate environments & more.

Entrance mats, logo mats, niche mats and more!


Carpet mats with high resolutions are characterized by a lively photo picture in photo qualitiy. Your picture will be produced at tenfold higher resolutions than conventional mats using a lightfast durable dyestuff for injections. Customized Anti-Fatique mats have impermeable, wipe-resistant finishes for areas where humans have to stay or work. Teppich product line: With our Vintage Plush you get the highest possible dissolution on a 32oz. carpet mats.

Indoors and outdoors; protected against stains. Designed for indoor/outdoor use, our King customized indoor/outdoor mats have a robust construction with clear embedded graphic. Treatment with antimicrobial and spot protection. High-resolution 26oz. carpet logo mats are available in customized colours and heights.

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Custom Fit Ultimat floor mats for all cars Truck SUVs & Vans

Ultimat's fabric was initially developed for use in the automobile industry with an eye to convenience, power and endurance, and over 35 years later, the Ultimat is still the best-selling customized logo doormat in the after-market. ULTIMAT's high quality full-length two-ply spun yarns have a 32 oz per metre structure.

The double weights and double densities of the OE mats, the Ultimats' tight design and 5/16-inch stacking heights ensure stunning longevity and real comforts. Lloyd's customized computer-assisted samples are engineered to offer greater cover and better protect than shop mats and a consistent accurate fitting through computer-controlled slicing. All Lloyd's carpet carpeted fabrics are made to last longer with our uniquely multi-layer backing that provides rigidity, humidity and slip resistant properties.

Coming in over 50 favorite colours and over 1000 car manufacturer logo's, Ultimats tailor-made mats provide great styling, functionality and durability.

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