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Logos carpet tile inlays are a great way to customise your flooring with traditional entrance mats of carpet tiles. This custom carpet tiles can be inlaid with a variety of colors to set the direction, highlight your company logo or provide customers with the necessary information. Browse our logo mat database. Laser cutting machine for logo carpets. Don't leave the floors of your playroom, cave or office empty;

cover them with NCAA team carpet tiles from fan mats.

Embroidered Logo Coloured Mats and Carpet Coloured Inkjet Printing Mats

Our Premium Heavyduty Carpet Dyed brand premium brand carpets are manufactured at our Melbourne plant from a luxury, air freshened, antistatic, highly durable nonwoven fabric. And we can even take pictures and put them on this thick carpet of polyamide. It is our pleasure to prolong a 2-year warranty on these meshes during regular inspection.

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Logo- Mats | Quality mats with your individual print design

Greet your customers stylishly in your premises with a logo pad from only £119 excluding tax. Imprinted logo pads? Truly high-quality, multifunctional imprinted logo pads are not just neat and dried shoesoles that prevent debris and humidity from entering the equipment. It is also an ideal occasion to raise security concerns, as most of us look to the ground first.

The Printed Meats offer state-of-the-art technologies that give each matt a truly unique, custom look. As soon as the order has been placed, you can count on receiving your mat(s) in about 2-3 week(s). Please note: If you buy more than 10 sheets, we can grant you substantial volume rebates on the above mentioned rates.

Crease-free nylon 6.6 high tenacity thread, ca. 700gr/m2. Exceptional humidity absorbency:


Our products are high-quality carpet tiles, we create trend-setting products and we always want to provide inspiration. All over the globe, but with a sustainability stance. Our glittering new carpet tiles range shines through your home with surprising twists and turns and lighting effects and is enticing at a single look. Explore fire, dusk, dawn, shine and sparks.

Let yourself be inspire by our hottest fashions, captivating designs, How To's, behind-the-scenes views and our research on wellness and wellness in the outdoors. Over the years, this has enabled us to create a sustained work flow that delivers environmentally sound goods.

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