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Logo Design Blog by graphic designer Ian Paget. Contains my latest design projects, design tips, book reviews and advice for clients and colleagues. Are you looking for inspiration for the blog logo? This is the ultimate top-best resource for graphic designers, web designers, logo designers and anyone interested in creativity, business, marketing, typography and more. Branding @ MDG in New York, NY.

Must-Read 6 Blogs for Logo Designers

The blog of the renowned illustrator and writer David Airey deals with topics related to the design of brands and logo identity. In this blog you will find a wide range of articles, among them a debate about thoughtful thoughts like "do good logos need to look good?" and useful hints on how to rate your logo.

You like Airey's letter, visit his other blog's, davidairey.com and Identity Design-ed, and buy his logodesign work. Interesting and beloved logotypes are included in this blog. Often the presented logo themes have a brief debate about what makes them good and interesting for the site writer.

Occasionally the blog posters have pictures of the first designs of the logo presented and design-related comments from the logo designers. Several of the logo covers on Logolog are Amazon.com, FedEx and Paul Rand brands. The top-class graphics artist and blogsman Jacob Cass possesses this beautiful blog. He' has posted ton of great blog postings about logo design, like this one about what makes a good logo.

Brands New, a section of the UnderConsideration website, is a long-standing blog (available since 2006) dedicated to the design of brands' identities. This website features articles about logo redesign, such as Mall of America's new logo design, and what the website's creators think about the new 21 Century Fox logo.

LogoLounge's article section (an on-line logo data base and logo design contest site) offers many possibilities for corporate logo design. This page will tell you about the changes to old logo themes like this and new stories like the top 20 logo themes according to Entrepreneur Magazin.

Although not an explicit blog, this section on LogoLounge follows the main contents and design of the blog. Logo Factor is the blog of logo design studios The Logo Factory, a business that has existed since 1996. In the blog of the design studios you will find many good articles, e.g. the article about the new eBay logo and case study about the logo design work.

There are other logo design blog posts here that you can view: Have I missed any logo design blog that should be on this mailing? What is your favourite logo design blog?

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