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Logomats with a professional look, entrance mats in commercial quality, safety mats, custom-made logomats. Free online assistants for personalized, custom door mats, industrial carpets and anti-fatigue mats. To meet non-logo requirements, our industry-leading commercial entrance mats are highly effective at removing sand and moisture from footwear. Individual logo entrance mats. Click to enlarge.

The Mat Tech range includes tailor-made floor mats for indoor and outdoor use, waterhog, anti-slip safety and more.

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Our company is proud to be able to provide you with the widest range of high class mats, such as: made to measure mats and logo mats; entrance mats, doormats and welcome mats; anti-fatigue mats, anti-static mats, elastic mats, gymnastic mats, seat mats, cooking mats, pool mats, adhesive mats, security mats and bath mats.

Thank you for giving us the chance to help you with all your doormat requirements. For immediate help, please consult one of our specialist matting team. Individual doormats are the ideal way to boost the corporate identity of your business. Logo-mats combines the advantages of a doormat with an eye-catching look that can improve your brands and your promotional activities.

Manufactured from commercially available fabrics and using the latest production technologies, our logo carpets are durable and provide stunning performances while maintaining an appealing appearance. Whether indoors or outdoors, our logo entrance mats advertise your company efficiently. Entry mats and entrance carpets help to prevent slip -ups and drops.

A wide range of doormats, entrance mats, entrance mats and carpets ensures that your carpets stay secure and sober. It is our pleasure to be able to provide you with the widest range of industrial and domestic mats, such as water hog mats, foam mats, synthetic mats, rug mats, exterior mats and indoors mats.

Use one of our entrance mats in places that require slip and fall resistance, lower service cost and extra decoration. Unfatigue mats, research shows, make a more convenient workman who makes a more prolific workman with fewer hurts and higher levels of production! Safety mats are indispensable wherever employees are standing to relieve tiredness and pains in the legs, feet and lower back.

You can use anti-fatigue mats in any business, industry, office, retailer or laboratory/pharmaceutical area. We offer our anti-fatigue mats in a wide range of designs and strengths to suit your needs and your budgets. Disconductive (switch cabinet) mats isolate employees and prevent them from fatal impacts from high-voltage installations. Dissipative mats are engineered to help safeguard delicate devices by quickly removing statics from operators before they come into contact with delicate chemical products or devices.

Our range includes both electroconductive and statically conducting mats. There is a big distinction between the two because conducting mats distribute electrostatic energy faster than electrostatic discharge mats and should therefore be used around the most delicate devices. Mats keep the galley and grocery areas secure. You can use our fitted carpets for insulated areas or serrated gum tile for large areas.

Küchenmatten are sealed elastic mats that ensure relaxation, convenience and good drain. Protect your walkways from fat, damp and foods with our large range of cooking mats and mats. Gymnastic mats ensure a high level of fitness, security and attractiveness in the training areas. We offer a range of gymnastic mats including individual insulated areas mats such as weightlifting and training mats, large area mats, or even overlapping walls.

Dressing mats and swimming pools mats are high-quality drain mats that are indispensable for maintaining the dryness of damp areas. Showers, dressing rooms and pools usually have heavily frequented and damp flooring, which is a prescription for slip -ups and drops. Dressing mats should be used in the dressing areas and mats in the cabins and washrooms.

Bath mats should be used near interior and exterior basins where frequent accumulation of moisture occurs. Let the treads flow through these security mats and keep them protected. The mats offer both convenience and ground cover. Make it easier to move the chairs and use our high-quality desktop matting to cover the underlay. There is a wide range of table mats and table mats available in a wide range of different forms, dimensions and style to meet your individual needs.

Select from seat mats that are suitable for both rigid and carpet floors, as well as mats with clear and wooden surface in a wide range of forms and dimensions. There is a wide range of countersunk mats and inserted mattresses. Insert the sunken mat into the bottom and make it level with the ambient bottom.

An awesome first line of defence, sunken mats catch dirt, deposits and humidity before they can be traced inside. Among the countersunk mesh option are Super Berber mats, Kaka mats, modulare mesh tile, rollstock and metallic mesh mats. Please contact our experts for mats. Available in 1 to 150 ft long reels, our range of vinyls and rubbers is a wide range of mats.

Roller mats made of gum and vinyls are perfect when additional security, additional friction and directional mats are needed. Walking mats are often used in corridors, storage halls, factory buildings, sales areas and stable buildings, to name but a few. Bath mats, inclusive for urinals and lavatory mats and flush mats, keep lavatories cool, tidy and look good.

The mats are sprayed with an antimicrobial product to help prevent odour-causing germs. Uranium mats and lavatory mats have a durable elastic backing that holds them in place while the appealing edges and curved edges give them a high-quality look. Non-returnable urinal mats, lavatory mats and flush mats are all fully washable.

Cleanroom mats contain a wide range of mats to keep hygienic surroundings free of contaminants that could otherwise pollute the area. Cleanroom mats have a viscous finish that removes grime and deposits from shoes before they can cause "cleanroom" contamination. Carpet cleanroom mats eliminate large amounts of grime and particulate matter before they actually step on the adhesive part of the mats.

The antibacterial mats have an antibacterial effect that is imbedded in the back and top surfaces of the pad. Sanitizing floor mats scratch and sanitize, which are commonly used in grocery stores. Sturdy anti-fatigue mats are auto-clavable and ideally suited for use in hospitals and laboratories. Occidental mats combines the classical look of a high-quality Occidental carpet with the functionality and longevity of a high-performance entrance mats.

You can use these Eastern mats like any conventional ground mats - in large elevated entrance areas, entrance areas, offices, hotel rooms, business lounges and any other interior place with busy public areas that require ground mats to protect. Surely, these eastern mats will provide additional decorations for your purpose. Prefabricated mats are commercially available doormats that show pre-printed design in a range of textures, colours and fabrics.

This matting offers a straightforward, cost-effective way to create your own customized logo mat. Security message Mats all blankets that draw attention to hazardous circumstances and important information. The Welcome Mats inside invites visitors and clients with a visually appealingly sleek outline. Vacation door mats underline the enjoyment and fun associated with every Holiday or every time of year.

Waterhog is one of the best known and most widely used entrance mats in the industry. Throughout the years, the Waterhog range of mats has been extended with a number of different designs and enhancements, all included in this section. Lounge comfort mats, research results, make a more convenient operator making a more prolific operator with fewer hurts and higher production!

Hairdressing mats and beauty salons Anti-fatigue comfort mats are indispensable when standing worker to relieve the tiredness and pains of legs, feet and lumbar spine. You can use our anti-fatigue mats and carpet shampoos in any surroundings, regardless of chemical, dye or other liquids. There is a wide range of our parlour mats available in a wide range of style, size, colour and thickness to suit your needs and your budgets.

Our range of passenger vehicle mats includes the widest selection of more than 5000 precisely fitting designs for front, back, third seating and loading spaces for passenger vehicles, lorries, vans as well as trailers and trailers produced since the mid-1970s. Available in clear vinyls, 2 kinds of durable rubbers and 4 kinds of durable rugs, our tailor-made carpets are available in 4 kinds of synthetic rugs.

Each of our tailor-made mats offers outstanding wearing properties and longevity. One hard-wearing back isolates these custom door mats against high temperatures and low levels of sound and help keep these customized door mats in place. There are no universally applicable automotive mats here - each of our individually trimmed automotive mats is specifically designed for the year, make and style of your automobile and requires no trimming.

We have the right carpet for your garages - from vinyls to rollout carpet and tile up. Guard your car park paving by protecting it with one of our great car park paving products. Our range includes a complete assortment of peeling and gluing garden tile, overlapping garden tile, rollout garden tile and custom garden mats.

Made up of all kinds of mats, entrance mats, running mats, anti-fatigue mats, gymnastic mats... all made of virgin gum. Standard mats are designed for the most harsh environment, whether they are outdoor blankets subject to weather conditions such as ice, rain, snow etc., outdoor mats coated with liquids used for cleaning and cleaning in industry, mats baked with fat and oil in restaurants, or gymnastic mats subject to high weight and machine misuse in gyms.

Use our pads to emphasize important security information.

Four things an entrance mats should do: Large mats and long running mats are made of robust, commercially available entrance mats, which are available in wider and longer sizes than those of conventional mats. Those mats can be manufactured up to a width of 13' 2" and a minimum length of 80'.

All of our large size mesh items are perfect for large doorways, generous hobbies and long hallways where a normal size entrance mats would not do. Ground cover consists of a rigid protective foil for surfaces and carpets, synthetic seat mats, protective skids for floors made of synthetic material and adhesive mats - all to prevent the ground from being damaged, dirty, damaged and dirty.

Synthetic soil stabilizers are an efficacious and economical way to conceal your soil without removing it. Developed to provide both carpets and rigid coverings with resistance to trolleys, seats, dollies, footstools, dust and stains. Home door mats provide a smoother, classy home look.

This coconut mats and gum mats are available in a multitude of designs, strengths and dimensions that fits perfect in front of every front entrance, back entrance and every garagesoor. Heim-Türmatten are suitable for practically any décor. Milliken's My Team range includes sport carpets for all key Northern European disciplines in a range of different size, as well as oversize carpets and carpets for the runner.

Clearing mats containing overflows, idle / unopened stock and seconds. This closed doormats are very cheap and can be sold immediately. This is our cheapest mats - the numbers are restricted. Visit us regularly, as these cheapest mats often undergo changes! Accessory mats completes our comprehensive range of mats.

Available with the omnipresent Ground Mats Hand Straps, Anti-Slip Straps and Wet Umbrella Pocket Stand, these accessory mats feature more inverted articles such as Slurry Food, Hot Mats, Ground Mats and Vacuum Mats.

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