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Logotypes that use typography, iconography and illustration visually convey information about a company. The brand and identity of your company are crucial for the success of your business. Don't be sceptical about the advantages of a quality logo for your company! The creation of a Facebook page for your business can help you stay in touch with your customers or customers. In a broader sense, the term was also used for a uniquely set and arranged script or colophon.

Choosing the right logo for your business

Whether you have a start-up or a small business, you probably know exactly how graphics play a roll in your business. Likewise, you probably know how costly it can be to rent out graphics designs as well. Therefore it is important to know some basic principles of designing yourself. And the more graphical designs you can create yourself, the more power you have over the look and feel of your brands.

When your business is like mine, your first big graphics artwork is your logo and a market leader. But before you get into the fundamentals of choosing things like colors and fonts, make sure you know what kind of person you want your business to have. When it comes to designing, it's about your personalities and how you communicate them to your customers.

Mein Unternehmen is a young women's newsroom. Our aim was to make our business funny, friendly and female without being girlish. When we made our own designs, we would always come back to these principals to make sure we represented our personalities well. So let's just say you know who your firm is.

It' s up to you to choose a typeface and a colour. Type is an important part of the overall style. Not only does it communicate the name of your business, but also its identity. A lot of businesses associate the typeface of their brands directly with profit. White Mountain Footwear, for example, says they have seen a 20 per cent rise in revenue after redesigning their typeface.

Three major typefaces are available to select from. Serial typefaces are classic - think of the Academy, Times New Roman and printed papers. However, a survey of how type affects confidence showed that the Baskerville serial typeface had a significant statistical influence on whether or not a reader found a quotation reliable. So, if you want a traditionally and professionally designed atmosphere, select a series type.

Here is an example of a serial typeface in a logo: Serifless fonts are the most popular typeface on the web - think technical start-ups, Helvetica and life-style blogging. If you prefer a new, clean and legible typeface, go without serious use. Since serifless singles are so prevalent, they are not always the best way to differentiate your business.

Here is an example of a logo without serial font: Scripts can be difficult. You have a great personality - you can be imaginative, stylish and/or outgoing. Personally, I like a good typeface, but I have to admit I'm a little prejudiced. The logo typeface of my company is acript. Here is our example for a scripts logo:

Please note: You can find hundreds of thousands different typefaces to select from on-line. I love font searches in my favourite places in the world: font searches with font squirrel and Google Font searches. Colours in themselves have a great character. Indeed, 80% of consumer say that colour enhances awareness of the mark. At The Logo Company, we learned the colours of the logo of a few corporate colours and the emotions they express.

Of course, these meaning changes depending on the hue of the colour you are using. If you look at the three logotypes used above to represent typefaces, you will see three very different blues. Gap Blues is a classical marine, Google's is a funny, brilliant blues and my firm uses a passive skies azure.

CISSmetrics found that females preferred smooth colours while males preferred light colours. Likewise, females favor tones (colors blended with white), while males favor tones (colors blended with black). When you want to use more than one colour in your logo or your trademark, research shows that humans tend to use colour pairs in similar tones (such as blue and purple).

If you are looking for an accent colour, the same research has shown that a colour with a large degree of contrasts to your home pallet is the most efficient. I get most of my colour pallet inspiration from looking for Pinterest, but another great place to find colour combos is Adobe Kuler.

And you should also check out your competitors to see how you'll be comparing them. By the end of the afternoon, think about what your business represents and who your public is when you design your logo because you remember:

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