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Any type of logo mat to highlight your business. Coconut Traditional Fibre & Washable Carpet Logo Doormats UK. The logo mat should work as well as it looks. Door mats and logo mats individually printed by Logotex.

The latest generation of high quality logo mats allows you to reproduce photos, fine text and intricate colours that other mats simply can't match.

Logoomatworks | Tailor-made door mats

Inside Logo Mats are an excellent way to advertise your trademark, logo or coat of arms. Comes in a wide range of stock and special size and can be washed up to 50°. It can be placed along access routes or in areas where contamination is likely to be present. Resilient anti-fatigue mats relieve shoe strain and increase perfusion to relieve strain on the lower back, lower leg and main muscle.

Non-fatigue mats are not statically stable and resist the danger of slipping, oils and chemical substances..... Logomats are an innovating way to present your company and your brands. These can be manufactured with a border and a security back that is adapted to your special ground cover.

Logo- Mats | Individually printed floor mats

Logomats are a useful way to impress your customers with your company's name. Either we have a designer in our home, or you can send us your work of art and we will imprint it on one of our mats. One of the UK's most renowned large size printer, Display Wizard prints using only the highest grade printer and materials, which means you'll be happy with the clearness and precision of your logo mats.

Present your corporate identity in highly frequented, high-calibre locations such as gateways, hobbies and reception areas with a logo pad featuring personalized images. All our logo mats have a non-slip base made of soft foam which stabilises them when you enter the foyer of your premises. Logomats are just one of our large selection of sales shelves.

In addition to high-quality imprinted logo mats, Screen Wizard also offers a broad selection of trade fair booths such as information panels and pop-ups.

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We have also created and manufactured several hundred logo mats for companies throughout the UK. Our expertise in the sector enables us to provide you with an ultra quick order process, with the overwhelming majority of our logo mats completed within 5-7 business day. Ideal Mats Ltd. operates this website.

The Ideal Mats is a UK resident mat speciality that offers a complete line of doormats.

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