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Adjustable head floor, wall and ceiling LED and halogen lamps in aluminium and printed ABS. When it comes to customising the interior of your journey, our high-quality logo floor mats offer you the ultimate solution. Imprinted floor stickers are a versatile solution that can be used for events, in offices, outdoors and more! Make your own set of Cadillac floor mats by combining your favourite logo with your favourite colour. LED-Logo projector light for company advertising:

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Individual floor stickers & graphics

Add a stylish look to your shop or office by designing and applying our individual floor stickers and graphic designs. This floor stickers are 3. In addition, our stickers are non-slip, which means they won't make your clients slide or drop. This floor graphic can last up to 3-5 years with correct maintenance and is ideal for promotion and sale in the shop, trend requirements, production sites and more.

Installing: In order to correctly apply your floor sticker, you must first wipe the floor on which it will be used. These stickers are designed for use on flat substrates. Once the top layer is fully dry, take off the back and place the sticker gently in the required place. Initially, the stickers can be removed, but cannot be positioned again after they have been securely pushed onto the user interface.

The sticker should be removed neatly from most flat substrates up to one year after use. Maintenance: Your floor sticker comes with a laminated flooring to enhance shelf life. However, occasionally, when it needs to be cleaned, a damp towel or even a small, very gentle dishwashing liquid can be used to wash the finish.

Hard or strong detergents and spraying pistols should not be used on the graphic. How do your floor stickers consist of? All our customized floor stickers are made of thin, adherent vinyls. PVC has proven to be a long-lasting yet esthetically appealing floor sign alternative.

What's the sticker size? Are you offering different gauges? Floor labels are 3. Currently we do not provide alternate thick option for our customized floor labels. Is a floor sticker the same as a floor graphic or floor sticker? Manufactured to customer specifications, our floor labels are a self-adhesive type of vinyls that can be used on most floor coverings.

It resembles a label that sticks to the required substrate with a tacky or self-adhesive backing. However, the concept of "floor sticker" is not so widespread in the sign making sector. Floor stickers" or "floor graphics" are the most commonly used notions. Please be aware that these user-defined floor graphs are semi-permanent and intended for single use.

It is not designed to be dispensed and then remove or reposition after insertion of the glue. Otherwise the sticker will be destroyed and useless. Do your floor stickers have a laminated surface? Yes, our customised stickers come complete with a glossy laminated cover as Standard. These help to prevent the transfer itself from being damaged, dirty or contaminated.

Combined with periodic grooming and servicing, the lamination should help make the print look clear and light. Is it possible to customize my floor sticker? Yes, our customized stickers can be trimmed to any desired form. You have two ways to get your sticker into form.

Edge trimming means that your style will fit exactly to the form of your style, with no edges. As an alternative, choosing the half pattern during the drafting stage means that a small margin remains around the circumference of the pattern label. It is recommended to avoid too thin or thin stickers in one place to make sure that they are not harmed when trimmed or placed on the floor.

Cutting too small parts of a sticker can become tear-resistant during use. Which is the minimal and maximal sticker sizes? What the smallest floor sticker can be is 4 "x4". Our floor stickers have a max. dimension of 50" x 240" in both directions.

Is there a default label format for your stickers? Your floor sticker can be adapted to any desired dimension, but we also provide the following basic sizes: Is a 4-colour sticker going to be more than one or two colours? Whilst some businesses are offering a lower print rate in just one or two colours, we believe this really restricts your options for creating a good looking badge.

Is the floor sticker 3-D? Are you offering 3-D floor stickers? Although there are many great 3-D floor stickers, we do not currently provide 3-D floor artwork. The stickers are two-dimensional and are easily attached to the flooring. Our standard floor sticker materials are standard grey.

As with most prints, each of the whites in your prints will use the whites of the media instead of a blank inks. Is the sticker designed for indoor or outdoor use? All our customized floor stickers are for indoor use only. The use of the stickers outside can cause damages to the products or accelerate wear of the products.

It is not weatherproof because it is not designed for outdoor use. How long is the service life of the stickers? Suppose the stickers are applied and used indoors only, they can last up to 3-5 years with appropriate servicing and upkeep. As a rule, however, we suggest that you replace the graphic from the floor within one year of installing.

Does the imprinted part of the decoration pale? Not only does the laminated cover provide protection for your individually imprinted floor sticker, but we also use fading and abrasion-resistant inks. Irrespective of the type of flooring, our floor stickers are non-slip and non-slip. Reservation is any damp finish. As with any other damp finish, there is no warranty that the stickers will not become slippery when damp.

Since we do not affix these stickers, we are not responsible for injury or loss caused by a slipping hazard. Is the sticker going to destroy the floor finish or the floor itself? The stickers must not cause any harm to the surfaces on which they are used. So the only possible problem is the distance from durable transfers.

Stickers applied over a longer time ( more than one year) may be more challenging to discard. It is recommended to use a cutting blade that does not scrape or slice the floor finish, but can be used as a cutting instrument to detach the sticker from the floor. On which floor coverings can the floor stickers be used?

For our floor stickers, any flat, pore-free inner floor area can be used. Substrates such as raw concretes, soiled or contaminated (oil, chemicals), damp etc. must not allow the adhesion characteristics of the Decal to function well. Make sure that the substrate on which you apply your sticker is flat, tidy and completely free of dirt before you apply it.

Is it possible to drive on floor stickers? In order to protect your individual floor stickers from being damaged, you should not drive over them with a vehicle, forklift or other heavier device. Heavily loaded devices, cars and abrasion devices such as palettes can permanently corrode these floorboards. Which are the most common applications of your individual floor stickers?

Individual floor stickers have a multitude of application possibilities according to the branch. A further frequent application for floor stickers in various environments (retail, conference, school, etc.) is directed use. If there is one with an arrows or an effective way to track these stickers, it is ideal to move humans through unknown places while promoting the products, sales or events.

Security and control stickers can almost always be found in production and in the store. A further frequent use of decorations by individual persons is for receipts and marriages. What do I do to mount my floor stickers? Installing your stickers initially involves a neat and tidy finish. As soon as you have cleansed and dried the surfaces in the open-air, you are prepared to apply the sticker.

If you want to use bigger stickers, we suggest to mount the graphics with two persons. In this way, the sticker is prevented from adhering to itself during actual use. In order to mount the sticker, just take off the back that protects the glue and put the graphics on the floor. Ideally, the sticker should be applied gradually from one side and in the same orientation.

Affix the sticker gradually and make sure that no blisters or bags are left behind. In the event of blisters, gently lift and replace the sticker before proceeding with the work. This is only recommended if the blister or bag is detected after application and it is not possible or useful to completely eliminate the sticker to smoothen it.

Is more than one individual required for installing? Big stickers should be affixed with more than one individual. In this way it is ensured that the sticker's sticky side does not adhere to itself during assembly. Installing smaller stickers can be done by one single operator. What do I do to get my floor sticker off? In general, removing transfer pictures should not cause disorder or be hard to do.

Stickers that have been in place for more than a year or that have been subjected to extremes of temperature may be hard to get rid of. The stickers can be easily detached in both cases by removing them gradually from the tops. Remaining glue can be cleaned with a cleaning agent and a bristle or cloth.

What do I do to get my floor stickers washed? Be sure the laminated cover supplied with the sticker keeps your sticker tidy and alive. Nevertheless, periodic easy cleansing with a gentle cleanser and a damp towel or cloths helps to make the sticker look nice. Do not use high-pressure cleaners or floor buffer when washing your floors/stickers.

What do I do to save my floor stickers? Floor stickers are for single use only. Therefore, when affixing your sticker, make sure that you place it in the right place. The removal of the sticker leads to expansion and damages of the graphics.

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