Long thin door Mat

Thin long door mat

Short long narrow small door mats washable kitchen carpets indoor runner utensil mat. This is a link that might be useful: ultra-thin door mat. This super door mat provides the instant magic you need to get rid of dirt and dust. Extra-thin door and floor mats fit under almost any door. Waterhog heavy duty recycled floor mat, closed circles.

Favorite thin door mat

You' ll find a high grade thin door mat at an accessible cost from labels like decorationUhome, YIGENG, YOMDID, YYAN PEAK, YOMDID, Honlaker, Enjelwang, minimum, YYAN PEAK, Honlaker, Enjelwang, wdspring, and more. Also we know that personalisation is in the detail, therefore we provide many different thin door mats, such as floor, door, outdoor, bar, exercise, bath, prayer, car, golf, others and others.

Door mats from £17.50

Slim door matting is critical for residential or office applications where a low profile mat is needed. Thin door matting can make living easy for disabled people who find it difficult to walk into a house with a bulky matting. For whatever your reason, we have put together a listing of our best thin door matting to help you find the right one for you.

Our thinnest door mat is the MudProtect with a thickness of only 4 mm. At 30°C, this door mat is easily machine-washable and low-maintenance and has an integrated rubber backing that prevents it from sliding on the ground. TrafficGuard is a high-quality thin door mat that is ideal for office and residential applications that require a high grade mat.

PVC baking boxes have a total thickness of 7 mm for this mat, but also mean that it is a more resistant door mat than many of the slimmer options. This is one of our cheapest door matting and is also available to order.

Just choose the width of the rolls and type in the length in cm for a perfectly fitting mat. Premdry is our most resistant thin door mat that achieves the highest possible rating in each of the rated categories: compressive strength, floor resistance and water retention.

PremDry is a thin, high-efficiency door mat that meets the highest entrance requirements.

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