Luxury Carpet

Deluxe carpet

Breathtaking and versatile selection of cut twist wool carpets for all seasons. The Grand Luxury carpets offer luxurious comfort all year round. Hand-tufted luxury Singapore rugs. Find out more about our new luxurious carpets. The Blue Carpet Luxury Suites in Pefkochori offer unobstructed sea views and have an outdoor pool surrounded by well-kept gardens.

Bremworth Cavalier | High quality wool & synthetic NZ carpets

We believe we have the best rugs in the word for the most demanding carpet purchasers in the globe, from the ageless luxury of wools to the cutting-edge of plastics. The SirenĀ® is made from a 100% replenished fiber that is made entirely from recyclable synthetic materials, complete with fisherman' s trawls that have been reclaimed from ocean waters around the globe. It is resistant, easily cleaned and retains its color well.

The highest level of selection and top workmanship!

The highest level of workmanship and select! ITC has a nice range to offer for high-quality luxury carpet and carpet. There are several different kinds of Luxury carpet and carpet made from a wide range of fibers, such as sisal, coconut fiber, 100% New Zealand woollen carpet, silk, viscose, banana fiber and bamboo fiber.

No matter whether you want to create an agency, a luxury resort, a luxury boat or a luxurious, eye-catching look for a nice home, ITC has the right solution. Founded in 1968, ITC is proud to be a leading supplier of (hand-woven) luxury carpet and mats. This luxurious carpet range is used all over the world in buildings such as luxury accommodation, apartments, hotels, shops, etc.

Connaisseur Carpet Collection: Our extensive assortment of high-quality 100% New Zealand woolen or viscose carpet and carpet products also include a tailor-made carpet delivery system. Carpet Campeone Collection: This is a new line of 100% 6.6 Pa 6.6 Pa carpet with exceptional performances. Canes and Chablis are shiny, silky, smooth to the touch, non-removing, long-lasting, stain-and-waterproof.

The Kensington is a solution-dyed carpet of polyamide, contractually bound and finished with Stainmaster; ideally suited for any use. Carpet couture collection: The Couture carpet is a line of high class carpet made from fibers such as silk, bamboo, banana, viscose and wool. Now with this uniquely made-to-measure assortment of beautiful carpet it is possible to find the right color.

Tailor-made luxury carpets: Luxury carpets are available in a wide range of different fabrics to suit all interior styles, from houses to hotel rooms. In order to satisfy the growing need for tailor-made carpets, we can produce a blanket of any dimension (up to a width of 500 cm) from a range of our carpet series.

Embroidered Natural Broadloom Collection: Since ITC are carpet producers and distributors, we do not deliver directly but through our retailer networks with experienced offices and fitter.

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