Luxury Carpet Tiles

Deluxe carpet tiles

The LCT or luxury carpet tiles are practical, easy to lay, move and replace. FLOORING, laminate, carpet tiles, carpeting, rugs, carpets, vinyl planks. Laying carpet tiles is an ideal choice for a variety of reasons. The Carpet Closeouts is the ideal source for floor coverings, including carpet tiles, parquet floors and luxurious vinyl planks. Explore stylish and extremely practical floor solutions in the luxurious range of wood and stone vinyl tiles.

Teppichfliesen ITC | Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are a convenient choice for any room where it is important to have easy accessibility to the underlying area. Woollen carpet tiles laid in an office, for example, mean minimum circulation when underground passage is required to supply cable or conduit. In addition, in rooms where random damages occur, single tiles can be exchanged without disturbing the entire room.

Teppichfliesen can be used to make a singular Designs, by shifting several different colors, in order to arouse the interest in a area, like for example an Office or a play room, to it. ITC carpet tiles are 100% PA Solvent coloured, which means they are exceptionally dirt-resistant and facilitate the use of a recognized detergent agent. So whether you are looking for an object, a business or a heavy home, ITC has a product line suitable for many different sites.

The ITC carpet tiles have also been ultra-freshed, an anti-microbial method to make sure that the tiles are clean, sanitary and odourless. Our 50cm x 50cm carpet tiles are our standards, although our 100cm x 50cm chamaeleon rugs are also available.

Modulys Gleam is ultra smooth under the feet and has a luxury stroke feeling.

Perfect for gastronomy and luxury offices, this carpet tiles mix blunt and shiny yarn to form a stylish and enigmatic atmosphere while being extremely smooth to the touch. Ceramic tiles and quarter-turn sizes as shown above. By the end of the lifetime, after being cleaned, carpet tiles can be reused in non-critical areas to prolong the lifetime.

Teppichfliesen can be used as backings for new carpet tiles in our backup2back-programme. Partner Modulyss®/Vanheede Environment Group, in which carpet tiles are transformed into alternative fuels to significantly lower CO2 emission. Mineral resources are recovered from the carpet tiles and processed into materials for the concrete manufacturing industries, which is 50% equivalent to the Modulyss® carpet tile cycle.

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