Made to Measure door Mats

Tailor-made door mats

Door mats are made from the best quality coconut fibre and are available in various thicknesses. Tailor-made door and entrance mats. Tailor-made monotone plain floor mats made of spun-dyed nylon pile with nitrile rubber back and edge. Made-to-measure door mat by RiZZ. High-quality built-in door mat in your exact size.

Custom door mats

Tailor-made door mats according to your measurements, professionally manufactured by our tradesmen. Manufactured from high grade virgin fiber fabric, our bespoke door mats are available in a wide variety of thickness. Made to measure, our floor mats are sewn by our hands to create a durable, strong border that does not fringe and ensures your floor mats last as long as possible.

Whether you want to keep your door mats smooth or just need to have a clear text in your door, our custom made coco floor mats are the ideal solution. When you need a mats with your corporate identity, you need a chocolate mats. Caution: If you want your pad to fit well into a pad, please read our measuring guide.

Custom door mats

If you cannot find a bespoke sized blanket for your specific site, our bespoke mats are perfect for you. We also offer a range of rubberized backings for installation on carpet or flooring. Tailor-made mats are perfect for mesh shafts, entranceways, lobbies, verandas, domestic rooms - almost any door opening that has a special demand on sizing.

Ide Mats is a UK resident tailor made carpet expert which offers one of the widest selections of tailor made mats in the UK. We manufacture our assortment of tailor-made door mats according to your individual dimensions and can supply both angular and unedged. It is also possible to choose the back of your blanket according to the finish on which your bespoke blanket is placed; a grab back options is perfect for blankets placed on rugs or a plain back options suited for tough soils.

At Ideal Matten we have been manufacturing and delivering tailor-made mats since 2011.

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