Made to order Floor Mats

Tailor-made floor mats

Doormats from the standard or non-standard range, with badges or coloured decorations, are automatically categorised as Made to Order^. In the future will definitely order from this company. Would you like to buy high quality car mats? In the next step, order and approve the print templates. Guangzhou produces customized disposable paper floor mats.

Doormats & Carpets for BMW 2 Range

Are these parts suitable for your vehicles? Article status: Scope of delivery includes: 1 piece TPO boot mat. You can also give me your auto back load vehicles images and auto models then we will customize it for you. Notice 2: The product you received may not correspond to the images uploaded on the list as we will ship the product to you according to your type of vehicles and year.

3, Tailor-made for your vehicles, these high-quality floor mats are made of long-lasting materials to help keep your indoor carpeting protected. 1,These are not real automatic mats, but they are made from high grade automotive carpets original developed for OEM mats. Helps to keep the mats from sliding. TPO high class boot mats.

5.TPO Dimensions:103*76cm 6.package Included:1 x boot mats, if you have a problems, please email me before you place an order.thank you. Loops are only used on doormats that had loops from the original manufacturer. Standard on all mats is a driver-side foot pad to prevent the floor pad from wear under the footpegs.

Individual car floor mat in leather

Driver 1* doormat, 1* co-driver 1* doormat and 1* rear doormat. In the case of a 3-row, you only get the mats for the first and second series! ETA: Generally delivery takes 15-20 business day, all mats are made specifically for each vehicle owners who need 8-12 business day.

Please note: Due to the insecurity of logistic operation there may be a kink on your carpet, please let it go, it generally takes 1-3 workdays. Our production starts 24 hrs after the order is placed. Should you need to reverse the deal, you can get in touch with us within 24hrs of your order.

Since all our items are bespoke and have no re-sale value, the amount of the Part Reimbursement is $89 if you wish to void the order 24hrs after placing the order, and if the order has been dispatched if you wish to void it, the amount of the Part Reimbursement is $69. Our custom-made items are either wholly or partly produced on the basis of customer-specific information and therefore have no re-sale value.

Consequently, we will NOT process the returns of such items unless they do not match the order information or do not match your vehicle. In the case of custom-made items, you can change your order (e.g. resize, colour, uploaded photographs, etc.) or cancellation within 24 hours.

Unless you wish to continue waiting 30 additional working days for your order to be returned, only a full return charge will be applied after all manufacturing and postage charges have been subtracted. Since all our items are bespoke and have no re-sale value, the amount of the refund is $69 if you wish to void your order.

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