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Tailor-made carpets

Placing your order and it will be individually tailored to your needs. Ornamental carpets, round crochet carpets, children's carpets, round carpets, round carpets, made to measure. Made-to-measure Moroccan carpets. This carpet made of natural jute (hemp) is suitable for every house and every environment. The jute is very durable and easy to clean, perfect if you have small children or pets in your home.

Order Quality Carpets & Service

Our aim is to provide our many esteemed clients with top class services and top class results. We offer a wide range of carpets made of virgin fibre and we are proud to offer the best possible carpet qualities. Our range is constantly being expanded with new colours and designs for our carpets, as well as our range of fabrics for exterior use, including new colours and designs for our carpets, our cotton fabrics, our sea grass and our artificialisal.

Those carpets are what we make every single night. Give us a call to talk to a dedicated account manager who can help you with all your individual ordering needs. Competent after sales support is available during regular office opening times (8:30 - 16:30 CST) from Monday to Friday. We do not resell our client listings and your e-mail addresses are private.

Custom Carpets UK - Custom Woollen Carpets & Carpets that you can paint and create online.

Learn how you can use our designer toolbox and template to make a carpet that you'll like. Customize your sizes, colors and designs and then order patterns at the click of a mouse. The carpets are handmade from high quality wools, there are more than 90 different colors in which you can choose the look and finish. Made-to-measure carpets in your desired sizes, up to 600 cm long and up to 400 cm wide... and even bigger if necessary.

Easy to use, our easy-to-use on-line carpet designer lets you click here to see how you can customize your mobile or your desk to color, stylize and rate your carpet. Our products can be produced in the following shapes: longitudinal, rectangular, round, skid and ovals, as well as in customer-specific forms for a corporate logotype. Art Deco Reflex Art Deco in.....

Cublai Mongol carpets..... Impact of Opal in..... Made-to-measure Retro wave in.... You can order carpet patterns in up to..... Effect of zircon in natural colors..... Superb carpets for.... Influencing of rhinestones in..... Carpets in shades of tradition with..... Delight Navajo woollen carpets in..... Edge Persian tradition..... Cuba Dawn hand-made woolen..... Chinese tones of tradition..... Sapphire Fuchsia Impact.....

Influencing of rhinestones in..... Classic nouveau made to order..... Sapphire red influences..... Beautiful baroque tailor-made wool carpets in..... Kayseri Turkish-style in...... Impact made to order..... The Navajo Emotions Tailor-made..... Custom-made Movie Reel carpet...... Create your own custom made.... Tailored to the needs of the............................................ Delight Navajo Tailored Wool..... Chinese tradition trends.....

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