Magic door Mat

Magical Doormat

Use the Homezy Clean Step Mat to keep your floors clean and dry. Extremely absorbent, this doormat absorbs dirt and mud instantly! Mop your paws off the door mat. Ideal for pets and kids, this amazing door mat saves you the daily battle cry "Take your shoes off! The Clean Step Mat, the super absorbent doormat catches dirt and water immediately and keeps floors clean and dry.

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The Magic Mat is ideal for picking up soil, grease and moisture.

The Magic Mat is ideal for picking up soil, grease and moisture. The Magic Mat significantly cuts cleaning by picking up door debris and protects flooring and carpeting from damages due to sludge, debris and dusts. The Magic Mat is a great assistant around the home. Those are the best mat I've ever possessed.

My little ones are wiping their paws' legs magic when they run across the mat from the cottage. There' s no need to ask them to take their sneakers off at the door. When I got tired of all the pins that were being pursued around the whole building, I ordered these blankets, and our infant walks right into them, in slimy boot and so on.

I' m surprised how well these blankets have helped reduce the mess and deposits in our corridor, even if the little ones don't wipe their heels. for my boy and my Iife. There is no slipping or sliding of the mat over the whole ground. Big guns! {\pos (192,210)}The point I gave these pads a 4 is the smell.

It was extinguished for a few nights in icy conditions (it also snows on them) and it reduced the smell. Altogether, the matting in our company is very easy to process. More than 3 years ago I bought two of these blankets in cream - I used them in my front door offices - they are amazing - more than 3 years in a busy area all year round (snow, rains, etc.) and they are still heavy - they are nice to look at, they are absorbent so well!

In the meantime, I have walked through a lot of meshes next to them because I didn't have a big enough mat to go through the whole front area. Pretty nice mat!!!!!!! I put my kit of charcoal and one by the front door.

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