Main door Mat

Entrance mat

Grab a door mat and help make your business safe for everyone. Your guests will feel (un)welcome with this funny outdoor welcome mat. Obtain some Vastu tips for the main door of your home: Keep your floor mats dry! Main doors conforming to Vastu are built in east, north, northeast or west direction.

Selection of the best design for the front entrance carpet

What are the best choices of form, style and colours for my front entrance ceiling? Main entrance is very important in practicing fi gui, as the main entrance of the home is used to receive chi, or general purpose power, for its own nutrition. So the better the chi that your home is absorbing, the better the amount of power that can help you and your loved ones.

Beginning with the selection of the best colours of befeng shui for your front door up to the correct placement of a spring well; from the handling of the befeng shu of a stair to the front door up to the choice of the best form and desing of the main entrance carpet - every detail is important in befeng shu.

So how do you make the best fitting decision for your entrance area? What colours, styles and forms will help you energize the best qualities? Let's look at 3 main facets of practicing penguin style sui. Form. You should always be led first by your emotions and the fundamental principals of home architecture in every home or offi ce practice of practicing it.

Which form would work best in your room? Secondly, find out in which way your front door points and look for the form that is best suited for the befeng science elements of that area. If your front door is oriented to the east, then we recommend using either rectangle (Wood Design elements ) or quadratic (Earth Design elements ) forms.

Circular form, which is a metal elf Thai style is best avoided for an east facing front door carpet style. Colours. Choosing the best colours for your main entrance carpet is also done using the power of the fi g shai features. Our example with the front door oriented to the east shows the colours of 3 different types of fi gui: earth, wood and water.

Colours to be avoided would be the colours of metal and fire components; it is useful to know the cycle of fi gui components in order to make intelligent fi g shu design decisions. In the ideal case, do not place a predominantly grey, blue or blue carpet in a main entrance in the eastern area.

These colours represent the element of genshui, which can attenuate the energies in this area. It'?s designed. Look out for the faulty designs of small companies: The owners will wear the company name on the mat and then wonder why their company is attracting inferior amounts of power?

Well how can it attract good-quality energy when everyone kicks verbatim about you/your businessperson name every single day? What do you think? So decide on a type of styling that is suitable, so to say, for continuing. It is best, for example, not to order a bird and angel theme, because kicking above a bird and angel is not a good concept.

Concentrate on the most suitable designs according to the forms that reflect the required fi gshui elements. When it is an abstracted depiction, let yourself be led by the colours and forms of the different aspects of fi gui as well as by your own emotions. It is best in most cases of practicing Zen Buddhism to have carpets with solid, earthing and supportive energies to provide good home energies.

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