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The MAT Auto Group is a leading global supplier of brake, transmission and suspension products for OEM/OE/OES and aftermarket customers. Service and repair specialist for automatic transmissions. Look who you know at MAT Holdings, Inc. OverviewThis position is held at GRI Engineering and Development, LLC, a division of MAT Holdings, Inc. We got it.

and MAT Holdings, Inc. - Automotive - MAT Holdings, Inc.

The MAT Auto Group is a leading worldwide supplier of brake, gearbox and spring systems for OEM/OE/OES and after market markets. Auto Group consists of a vertical integration of 44 sites in 12 different markets on 3 different continents offering unrivalled product engineering, product engineering, manufacturing and distribution capability on a worldwide basis.

The MAT Foundry Group, with headquarters in the UK and casting and processing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, develops and produces parts for cars, trucks, utility trucks, heavyduty trucks and industry as well. The MAT Friction Group, with headquarters in the USA and plants in the USA, Europe and Asia, produces friction products such as friction linings, footwear, washers and rear panels.

With headquarters in the USA and plants in the USA and Mexico, the suspension components group delivers shock absorbers, shock absorbers and truck mounting solutions to the US markets for cars, trucks, trailers and leisure vehicles.

and MAT Holdings, Inc. - Automotive - MAT Holdings, Inc.

The MAT Auto Group provides a full line of brakes and drive controls to after market clients, which includes linings, footwear, rotors, drum, damper and strut systems for personal, utility and HGVs. Also, we deliver leisure cars for the after market with a line of bumpers for challenging ATV and snowmobile use.

Key to our key to succeed is focusing on full automotive cover, achieving or surpassing industrial benchmarks for service, delivering platformspecific solution and investment in a total Q & A and R&D effort. In addition, we are launching a "system" concept for the brakes after-market. Callipers, linings, rotors, car model, use and dimensions as well as the preload of the front and back wheel brakes are combined to the optimal spare parts.

and MAT Holdings, Inc. - Automotive - MAT Holdings, Inc.

Over the years, the MAT Auto Group has built an expert knowledge base that works in close collaboration with OE/OEM/OES and Tier-1 vendors to provide solution for each customer's individual platforms. MAT' s worldwide engineering capabilities in the development and manufacturing of complimentary brakes include car and truck anti-friction brakes such as linings, footwear, washers and backplates, as well as ductile aluminum parts such as disc brakes, callipers and beams, resulting in optimum performance and consumer confidence.

The MAT Foundry Group, with 7 casting plants and comprehensive processing capacities on three continents, offers globally available capacities and worldwide engineering services to offer unparalleled customer service to our worldwide customer base. MAT Foundry Group also provides high-quality gray and ductile castings for sophisticated hydraulics and heavy industry use. And MAT Auto also provides chassis controls such as shock absorbers, shock absorbers and spring assemblies for the U.S. truck markets.

Around the world, the MAT Auto Group operates several engineering competence centres to assist OEM clients such as General Motors, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Jaguar, Land Rover, Volkswagen, Nissan, TRW, Continental Teves, Bosch, WABCO and Knorr-Bremse with OEMs. Furthermore, the MAT Automotive Group delivers high-performance OEM automotive components to AP Race, Brembo, Hi Spec Motorsport and Maxx Autosport.

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