Mat Cleaning Services

Mats cleaning services

Our scheduled floor mat service regularly collects dirty floor mats for professional deep cleaning and replaces them with clean, fully functional floor mats. Do you need your mat or carpets cleaned but don't have the time to have all your carpets cleaned? How long since you last had your carpet cleaned? Port Crystal Cleaners is proud to offer a Drop Off - Pick up Rug Cleaning Service in Port Macquarie! In all weathers, you need an entrance mat to protect your office, school, home or shop from dirt, dirt and moisture.

Carpet cleaning | Elite

Do not have a soiled carpet under your newly cleansed carpet. Elite technicians can get carpet and matting that looks cool and neat in no time at all. As our certificated carpet cleaning technicians can make your carpet spotlessly cleaner, they can do the same for your carpet and mat with our carpet cleaning services.

Don't be trapped by having your carpet just washed, but with dirt and dirt on it. Clear them all up! Carpet Dry Cleaning Technology is also perfect for cleaning your carpet and matt. And not only that, your carpet and matting will also be professional sucked and deodorized.

You can also have Elite Carpet Protection treated on request. Do you need a carpet cleaning?

Cleaning mats " Express carpet cleaning

With the gentlest, most environmental impact available today, the Express Mobile Carpet Cleaning Franchise thoroughly cleans, removes marks, blemishes and grime from your mat. Since they walk every day, they are subjected to pedestrian accidents, children's accidents and even pets' moles. Or we can provide express protection to make sure your mat looks good and lasts long.

Even better, our thorough processing ensures smooth servicing when you need it most!

Carpet and mat cleaning

Carpet and mat cleaning services are available in our stock. Bring the carpet/mat to our stock, we will gather your data and get back to you as soon as it is available for you. It can take up to a full weekend to make sure that the trial is thorough. If necessary, it is then stained and then steam-cleaned.

Certain carpets and matting cannot be vapor wiped; this is the case when the chemical wiping technique is used. Then it is suspended on our dryer frames and dryer ventilators are installed to support the dryer processes. Once it has been cleanly identified, it is wound up and placed in plastics until you can collect it.

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