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Customized mat

Individual mats in many colors and sizes Guide Me. In the following, we will discuss all our size tools that are available to you when ordering individual mats online. Cutting Custom Mat Cutting makes it possible to cut window mats as required. Individual play mats meet your requirements. In order to print your own picture on the fabric mat surface and choose an individual size, fit it to your tabletop.

Customized mats | Customized cut mat plates

In order to order a special sizes mat board, backer or acrylic, just choose the nearest article on the website that would suit your individual sizing. For example, if you want a custom 11x15 image mat, choose the 12x16 mat to use. A 17x22 mat, choose the 18x24 mat area.

Then enter the desired external dimension in the Special instructions field, directly above the "Add to shopping cart" pushbutton. "Trim outer dimension to 17x22" or "OD 17x22". Then we will tailor the custom items for you to this dimension. Ensure that your opening is not too large for the new custom mat plate area.

Select the Custom opening sizes available for all mat product options. Enter the desired opening in custom sized We will accurately crop the opening as you enter it. When you enter 8x10, the opening is exactly 8x10. Remember that your format or template may be 8x10 cm and may drop through the opening.

Deduct.5" from the current image or page format to obtain this number.

Individual mats in any sizes, colours and quantities to meet all your frame design needs.

Individual meshes in any dimension, colour and amount to meet all your frame design requirements. Our Economy, Decorative and Conservation ranges include Crescent Wheelpads. Ideal for any use, from matt finishing your own photos to an elaborate artwork to selling thousands of items at an exhibition.

Our production is located in the USA and all our goods are of the highest possible standard. Matting plate services: Ornamental matting from Crescent is a leap in terms of product range and lasts much longer than traditional shop matting. Crescent® Select Conservation Mat is our highest grade mat. Fully archived with acid-free papers and kernels, these matting will last for hundreds of years and preserve your most precious artwork.

The colours are perfectly and there are very few mistakes. Preservation mats are available in 8 PLY size for the ultimate museums look. Our Crescent Benkshire mats are our most economic and are ideal for your traditional reprint or your own photos. Leverage the benefits of a vibrant range of colours to produce an infinite variety of designs.

The order came exactly when she asked for it, and it was so meticulously packaged. It was a high grade item and exactly what I ordered. Meanwhile, we have been reluctant to order on-line, but will order more. My mat is packaged with care and fits perfect!

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