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Design our "Mini" with gold or silver foil printed text on the mat! Do your own personalized door mat (click through for a tutorial) Even if you may not think much about it, the welcome mat to your home is pretty important. Water and Dirt Shield Personalized Pet Mat Resists Years of Mildew, Deposits and Fading. The mat is large enough to accommodate all sizes of pet food trays. Design your yoga experience with an individual yoga cork mat (environmentally friendly).

User-defined logomats | Large logomat database

Individual Logomats give you the ability to leave a permanent impact on your customer base, members, staff, college and college staff, as well as your soldiers and solidarity staff, whether they enter or leave your offices or organizations. You' ve put a great deal into your business name, your logotype and your trademark; research shows that 64% of your visitors will recognise your individual logotype.

Entering - Make a difference with your customers and website users by placing eye-catching, individual logos inside and outside the door. Tailor doormats outside your foyers to encourage people to stop and enter. Individual logomats are validated to increase turnover and strengthen your business name and your trademark.

Inside clearly visible areas - Place your individual logomats in front of lifts, stairwells and welcome counters as well as in corridors. Employees' gateways and intermission rooms - Proudly convey an inspiring tagline or clear messages about secure practice on doormats through doors, timers and coffeemakers. Personnel will benefit from the convenience and lightness of a high-quality football mat that contributes to increased efficiency and moral.

Individual wallpaper matting is more than just a beautiful carpet! Individual Logomats not only look beautiful, but also retain the "Class A" overall impression in your interior. Creating individual logomats for any organisation or company can be a pleasant and rewarding undertaking. Whether you want the user-defined logomat to use only a company name, an email or a customized look, a user-defined logomat can definitely make a message.

Wherever there is any rain, damp, oil or smooth ground, use foot matting to avoid injury. The choice of non-slip back side logomats is indispensable; they do not skid around on a damp or smooth ground. Individual tapestries with logos are a good way to increase the convenience and security of your staff who will be standing over a longer period of use.

Individual doormats, placed directly inside and/or outside your doorway, avoid draining rainwater through your shop or office and any repair that may be required due to damp cover. Individual logomats are perfect for keep the ground tidy. By laying matting on carpets and rugs, you reduce your cost of cleanup.

Shops, dining areas and other shops with interior and exterior areas, as well as terraces, are great places for a kind of customized exterior slab mat named Waterhog Inslay Logo Mat.... Waterhog inlays can be used in almost unlimited ways. The Waterhog Logos mat provides you with a state-of-the-art entry-level mat with your logos designed by trimming different coloured rugs and organising them in an integrated way to produce your graphics or brand.

The Waterhog inlay mat is a well-designed mat that is ideal for collecting debris and creating an unbelievable 1st class inlay. The robust logomats work effectively at entrances, countertops, staff workstations, in front of cold rooms or in all heavily frequented areas. The Waterhog insert mat is ideal for use in all humid and arid areas and is very simple to maintain.

Take a look at the Piazza luxury mat. This carpet can be processed into large carpets from smaller logos and can be used as individual logos for indoors or outdoors. Naturally, you can use normal doormats to keep your floor clean, tidy and secure, but why stop there?

Personalise your mat to create an incredible sense of your business, your products or your organisation. Rug Rats' individual logomat is an eye-catching way to promote your trade name, slogan or perhaps a welcome statement. Check out our individual logoteppich gallery to see our full range of individual mat choices, please inquire.

You can also visit our Rug Design Search Tool website. There are over a million different styles to select from to get just one inspiration for your individual logomat. Rug Rats helps you find the right logomat for your company! Get in touch with the Rug Rats design team today!

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