Mat Rental Service

Rental service for mats

Offers free of charge for mat rental and equipment service! Take the time to offer every customer a premium mat rental service. Rental service mats are best suited for a clean, fresh look and the most effective floor protection. Rental of mats throughout South Ontario, including the greater Toronto area. Rental of mats vs.


Her new mat rental service................................................

Her new mat rental service................................................ For this reason, Mat Rentals provides private clients with a free tracing service where we can find the best offer for your company. Use our searching tool to find a quotation for a Mat service that Mat Rentals has pre-approved to be certifiable and fit your needs and your budgets.

Our company is proud to find you a dependable rental mat service that is there for you in the long term. Our goal is that you only have to care about how quickly you can pick up the telephone and call us or fill out our on-line form.

It' s so uncomplicated that we already wait on the telephone so that you can call us today!

Rent-a-Mats prestige | Specialized in mat rental services

Prestige mat hire service regulary substitutes dirty matting with newly washed ones. Featuring many different types of mat available for different work environments, there is certainly a prestige rental mat to match the look and feel of your offices, store front or works. Thanks to our commitment to providing the best possible service to our customers, we can guarantee you a dependable rental service with no major start-up charges.

Do not buy the mat, just buy a low price for your freshly clean and changed mat on a monthly base. Please click here to see the benefits of renting compared to buying mat. Rental matting is always better than a bought matting and prestige rental matting is here to maintain your workplace.

Rental of floor mats | Rental of floor mats program

Crown's high-performance mat service is recognised by LEED and the U.S. Green Building Council and will help you take a more pro-active stance towards a safer and healthier workspace. The research shows that 80% of all contamination, pollution and humidity penetrate through your entrances and make proper groomed entry matting your first line of defence against contamination.

Heavy-duty matting traps and removes up to 50% more dirt and humidity than single-use matting, and the rugged, non-slip backing increases security and throughput. Crown's expert mat replacement service provides you with a full range of high quality matting designed to be highly tractive, non-slip and insensitive to oils and greases.

Ordinary hoovering can only catch about 10% of the debris contained in a mat, but a Crown Mat Service programme will make sure your mat is thoroughly cleansed and replaced every weeks, ensuring your grounds stay clear, drier and safer. The Crown range also includes a full service of microfibre microphones, woven microphones, wipes and other products that make soil removal simpler and more efficient.

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